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Our passion for developing recruiting innovations creates a world of ideas without boundaries. By aspiring to the highest standards of quality in everything we do, we will become a business without competition. At CareerConnections we don't view ourselves as being in the Internet recruiting business. We are in the business of helping employers find a diverse group of qualified candidates to make successful hiring decisions.

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CareerConnections is in the business of helping employment professionals find qualified candidates and successfully fill openings. We are experts in pioneering high-tech and nontraditional recruiting solutions. Our Virtual Job Fairs provide a low cost, high-impact means of reaching individuals in targeted geographic markets across the Midwest.

CareerConnections Virtual Job Fairs merge the immediacy of the Internet with the power of focused radio advertising to connect with qualified candidates. Through the strategic link between the Internet and radio, we are able to mobilize the attention of employed, experienced candidates and ignite the interest of passive job seekers.

As partners to the human resources team, we are committed to helping employers raise their corporate profiles and communicate their unique identities. We also dedicate ourselves to the serious task of attracting and maintaining a diverse workforce.

Human resources professionals applaud us for the muscle we add to their recruiting efforts. Candidates appreciate us for our quick and convenient access to a wide range of companies and their openings.

CareerConnections hosts Virtual Job Fairs in specific cities in the Midwest, where we commit ourselves to markets often neglected by other online employment services. Upcoming Virtual Job Fair markets include Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee.

Our Vision

Our passion for developing recruiting innovations creates a world of ideas without boundaries. By aspiring to the highest standards of quality in everything we do, we will become a business without competition.

Our Mission

At CareerConnections we don't view ourselves as being in the Internet recruiting business. We are in the business of helping employers find a diverse group of qualified candidates to make successful hiring decisions. Our search strategies are creative, cost-effective, and dynamic.

Our Principles

  1. We build trusting relationships with clients through hard work and integrity.
  2. We value innovation and continually strive to develop better ways to support our clients.
  3. We keep our promises, respect one another, share rewards, and make time to have fun.
  4. We view our clients and shareholder as partners. When our partners succeed, so do we.
  5. We are tenacious.

CareerConnections's vision, mission, and principles are the cornerstone of our culture.


Emerging Market for Employee Recruiting

  • Companies seeking to find more dynamic recruiting methodsconvenience of "Internet recruiting" in demand
  • Candidates identified effectively and cost efficientlywithout expensive recruiters or print advertising
  • Significant growth potential exists in marketover 91,000 U.S. businesses with over 100 employees

CareerConnections Virtual Job Fairs Represent Attractive New Channel for Reaching Passive Job Seekers

  • Recruiting employed, experienced candidates is a key objective for every employer
  • Opportunity to leverage power of Internet with targeted radio advertising focused on local markets
  • Clearly the largest untapped recruiting channel for employersmarket potential $2 billion plus

We've Gotten Startedbut Must Increase Resources to Capture Market Share Quickly

  • Market penetration dependent on investment in telemarketing, advertising, and technology capability
  • Reduce expenses and increase control by bringing website/systems development and sales functions in-house
  • Explore strategic acquisition of a business to business telemarketing company to shorten growth cycle
  • Enhance our image as a technology companyestablish Boston corporate office by September 30, 2000

CareerConnections's Pro Forma Looks SolidPhased Approach to Growth

  • Forecasting $315,000 revenues in 2000growing to $11,250,000 by 2003
  • Targeting $6,775,000 pre-tax income over next 4 years30 percent pre-tax profits
  • Assumptions realisticsignificant upside if Internet recruiting estimates hold true

CareerConnections strategically links the strength of the Internet with the power of targeted radio advertising to capture the attention of employed, experienced candidates conveniently and affordably.



Gerald SimonsPresident & Chief Executive Officer

Gerry Simons has over twenty years experienced in the financial services industry. Mr. Simons has held various senior leadership positions with GM Credit, Nissan Financial Services, Citibank Capital Corporation, and Lear Credit. He has had P/L management responsibility for businesses in excess of $200 million and responsibility for sales budgets in excess of $400 million. His expertise includes development of Internet strategies within the equipment leasing industry. Mr. Simons holds his Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Ohio State University.

Jill MonroeVice President Product Development

Jill Monroe is the author of Job Hunters' Sourcebook: Where to Find Employment Leads and Other Job Search Resources (Gale Research Inc.). Under her authorship, Job Hunters' Sourcebook was the recipient of two prominent publishing awards. Ms. Monroe has over twenty years of broad human resources management experience, with specialized knowledge in staffing, compensation, benefits, and employee relations. She has held senior human resources positions with Bonior Consulting Group and Ogilvy & Mather. Ms. Monroe holds her Bachelor of Communications degree from Ohio State University. Ms. Monroe is also a former board member of the Human Resources Association of Greater Cleveland.

Frederick PaulVice President Operations

Fred Paul has thirteen years of sales, managerial, and entrepreneurial experience. Mr. Paul was National Sales Manager for Mercury Interactions, a subsidiary of ABC Broadcasting. He was responsible for managing all national sales programs associated with ABC's national recruitment website. Mr. Paul began his career with Standard & Poors, where he was named Broker of the Year for three consecutive years. He started his own company, Creative Auto Detailing, and successfully built it into three locations before selling the company in 1996. Mr. Paul has his Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Northwestern University.

Suzanne RintimackiVice President Business Development

Suzanne Rintimacki has three years of successful sales and business development experience with ABC Broadcasting. Ms. Schumacher was National Director of Sales and Business Development, and was responsible for creating and implementing nationally ABC's Wonder Job Fair product. She successfully executed nine events, generating over $500 thousand in revenue. In 1997 she implemented the ABC JobConnect for ABC Radio Cleveland, generating $1.1 million in revenue, and was honored as the number one market nationally for ABC Radio.

Advisory Board

Troy BennettDunston & Ray P.L.C.

Troy Bennett has been a practicing attorney with Dunston & Ray for twelve years and is a partner specializing in Commercial and Product Liability, Commercial Landlord-Tenant, and Securities Litigation. Mr. Bennett is a member of the Litigation Section of the American Bar, State Bar of Ohio, and Cleveland Bar Association. He holds his Juris Doctorate Law degree from Columbia College Law School and his Bachelor of Arts degree from College of the Holy Cross. CareerConnections has engaged Dunston & Ray as its law firm.

Jonathon WilliamsMorgan & Reilly, LLP

Jonathon Williams has been a practicing Certified Public Accountant with Morgan & Reilly for seventeen years and is a partner specializing in tax and consulting services to corporations. Mr. Williams is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Ohio Association of Certified Public Accountants. He holds his Master of Science degree from Ohio State University and his Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting degree from Ohio University. CareerConnections has engaged Morgan & Reilly as its accounting firm.

Phillip OwensCitibank

Phillip Owens is Vice President and Deposit Relationship Manager for Citibank. Mr. Owens has over eleven years of banking relationship management experience. He holds his Juris Doctorate Law degree from Ohio College of Law and his Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio University. CareerConnections has engaged Citibank as its primary deposit bank.

Yoko UnaThe Smith Group

Yoko Una has over twenty-five years of broad human resources management experience. Ms. Una has held senior human resources leadership positions with Macmillan, General Motors, and the University of Ohio. She is an active member and former officer and board member of the Society for Human Resources Management, Human Resources Association of Greater Cleveland, and Academy for Academic Personnel Administration. She is also a former board member of the College and University Personnel Association and Metro Cleveland Equal Opportunity Forum. Ms. Dolan-Greene holds her Master in Public Administration degree from the University of Virginia and her Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Arkansas.

Sydney AtwaterAtwater Communications, Inc.

Syd Atwater has over eighteen years' experience as a broadcast executive. Mr. Atwater is president of his own company, specializing in radio broadcasting and consulting services. He is an active member and former officer and board member of the Ohio Association of Broadcasters and the Pittsburg Area Radio Broadcasters Association. Mr. Atwater holds his Juris Doctorate Law degree from Ohio State Law School and his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan.

Kevin FreemanVision Information Technologies

Kevin Freeman is the President & CEO of Vision Information Technologies, which he founded in 1997, specializing in website development and maintenance. Mr. Segura developed and patented VisionPro, a dynamic website development software which allows companies to self-manage their websites without technical expertise. His company has over 60 clients including such companies as GM Sales, Highland Brands, Michigan State University, and Monroe County. Mr. Freeman is a board member of the Hispanic Business Alliance, Hispanic Engineers Business Corporation, University of Ohio Computer & Information Science Professional Advisory Board, Economic Club of Cleveland, and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. He holds his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Ohio.


Companies are aggressively looking for new ways to lower costs and generate better results.

Online Recruiting Spending (millions)


Number of Recruiters Using Online Ads (thousands)


Today, the Internet recruiting market is in its infancy, but the future opportunity is substantial as more companies seek to increase their Internet capabilities.

Online Ad Spending Per Recruiter (thousands)


Online Spending as a Percentage of Print Ads


Overall Internet recruiting market is growing an average of 62 percent per year.


Resume posting boards currently dominate Internet recruiting and have made a large investment to grow.

Employment Website Market
Most Popular Employment Websites


Largest Resume Posting Websites
(Percentage of Job Postings in thousands)


Competitive Analysis

The top forty employment website companies offer similar products and compete for the same market share. Resume posting companies charge $150-$250 per job posting (packages generally range from $5,000-$50,000). There are over three million jobs posted on the Internet today. Approximately 71 percent of job board website resumes are from unemployed job seekers. Print employment ads are expensive and reach only 12 percent of adults with household incomes over $50,000.


CareerConnection's strategy of targeting passive job seekers in local markets with focused virtual job fairs gives us a significant competitive advantage.

Virtual Job Fair Competitors

Client Customized Radio AdsPromoted through Local RadioTargeted DemographicsInvestment Required
Jobs.comNoCBS Stations onlyNo$2,000-$8,500

Resume Posting Board Competitors

Promoted through Local RadioTargets Passive Job SeekersProvides Current Resumes from Local MarketRequires Labor Intensive ProcessCreates Sense of Urgency

Some "experts" say that the larger a resume database gets the more difficult and time consuming it becomes to search.'s founder and CEO, Jeff Taylor, admits that big resume services like his can be a black hole for job listings and resumes. "I think the matching process is begging for innovation."


What Our Clients Say

Aloha Cottage Health Services

"This was our first Virtual Job Fair. It was so informative and we got a great response. We're already planning for the next event!"

Joanne Clarkston
Aloha Cottage Health Services
Human Resources Manager


"Of all the Internet recruiting we are currently doing, the Virtual Job Fair made it possible for us to target specific demographics and get results!"

Lori Collins
SelectCare Individual Financial Services
Human Resources Specialist

Greyhound Transportation International

"The CareerConnections Virtual Job Fair got us results! We will be participating in all of the Virtual Job Fairs in 2000."

Julie Jones
Greyhound Transportation International
Human Resources


"I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure working with you on the Virtual Job Fair. We were extremely pleased with the results, ease of use, and the excellent customer service."

John Reynolds
Human Resources Manager

Parklane Chevrolet

"We received numerous resumes for several different positions. From sales to automotive technicians, we had a large number of qualified candidates to choose from."

Reginald Stanley
Parklane Chevrolet
Human Resources Manager


"We received 45 qualified resumes for several different positions at IBM. So far we have hired 25 people from just one CareerConnections Virtual Job Fair!"

Henry Lincoln

Our ClientsCleveland, January 2000

  1. Compuware
  2. Art Van
  3. Macmillan
  4. 7Eleven
  5. IBM
  6. Frito Lay
  7. SelectCare
  8. Creative Solutions
  9. Proto-Tech
  10. Eisenhower Center
  11. Qualex
  12. Army
  13. CCX
  14. Kinko's
  15. Ameritech
  16. CTS
  17. CPI
  18. Aloha Cottage Health Services
  19. CDI Information Technology Services
  20. ACSIA
  21. E&E Manufacturing
  22. Central Transportation International
  23. Village Life Care Retirement Community
  24. Parklane Chevrolet
  25. Domino's Pizza
  26. Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  27. Sagemark Consulting

Our ClientsBoston, April 2000

  1. Children's Hospital, Toledo, Ohio
  2. Macmillan
  3. Firestone Tire & Service Centers
  4. AirTouch Cellular
  5. Anthem Life
  6. Dominion
  7. Safelite Auto Glass
  8. Idea Integration
  9. IBM
  10. Huckleberry House Inc.
  11. Cardinal Health Inc.
  12. Uniprise
  13. United Healthcare
  14. Kmart
  15. Executive Jet

Our ClientsCleveland, June 2000

  1. Little Caesars' Pizza
  2. Ameritech
  3. Macmillan
  4. Valvoline
  5. Firestone Tire & Service Centers
  6. Citibank
  7. IBM
  8. Overland Park
  9. SelectCare
  10. CCX
  11. Comerica
  12. Olympia Entertainment
  13. Kelly Services
  14. CTS
  15. Alcoa
  16. Steak 'n Shake
  17. Parklane Chevrolet
  18. Sports & Entertainment Dome
  19. Compuware
  20. Ohio Bank
  21. ICA
  22. Vision Information Technologies
  23. IKON
  24. Morgan & Reilly L.L.P.
  25. BT Boulevard Retirement Community
  26. Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  27. ACSIA
  28. Parkedale Pharmaceuticals
  29. TEK systems
  30. Carhartt
  31. Army
  32. Aloha Cottags Health Services
  33. Verizon Wireless

Radio Station Alliances

  1. WFDA Sports Radio AM 1010
  2. FM 103
  3. ABC
  4. The Light 1420
  5. LIV
  6. V96.3 FM Jazz
  7. WDEQ Newsradio 830
  8. WONK 93.9 FM Cleveland's Soft Rock
  9. 106.9 Smooth Rock WSTE
  10. 95.5 FM Cleveland's Talkradio
  11. WADR 91.9
  12. WXYZ 1260 AM
  13. FM 102.7 WCKL
  14. 970 WBOR The Voice of Ohio
  15. 104 WNOC
  16. 93.3 Solid Rock
  17. WRN
  18. 18. 87 XYS
  19. 19. 109.9 Country Life


To take Internet recruiting beyond job boards to integrated solutions.

How it works.

  • 1. Build relationships with human resources professional on a personal level
  • Become actively involved in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Target 430 local chapters nationally with over 200,000 members
  • Utilize SHRM member directories and other strategic human resources lists to reach decision makers
  • 2. Implement a pro-active database management sales plan to maximize our sales results
  • Use Treasure Chest 5.0 database software to segment the market and achieve a competitive sales advantage
  • Develop qualified leads through a focused lead generation telemarketing program
  • Augment our database sales effort by high impact marketing techniques through email, SHRM banner ads, etc.
  • 3. Use the power of radio to create awareness with human resources professionals and passive job seekers
  • Reach human resources decision makers prior to a Virtual Job Fair with a pre-emptive radio campaign
  • Promote each ten-day Virtual Job Fair with intensive radio advertising (300-350 spots) to link with passive job seekers
  • Promote our clients and their opportunities through development of customized radio ads
  • 4. Assure that our website is fast and convenient to use
  • Provide sophisticated company profiling
  • Maintain an effective direct link between candidates and companies
  • Provide automated job postings

CareerConnections's marketing strategy is aggressive, disciplined, and efficient.


Number of Virtual Job Fairs
Projected Revenue (thousands)
Projected Pre-tax Income (thousands)

The Math

Projected Net IncomeThe Math
  • Radio Advertising
  • Event Promotion
  • Compensation
Pre-Tax Income$13041$1,26241
Net Income$8427$82027

Equity injection required to achieve future growth.


To compete and succeed in the top forty markets, a minimum of $1,000,000 in additional capitalization is essential.

How the money will be invested
Enhancement to the website$35,000
Computers, software, network server$30,000
Phone system$25,000
Key Staff Additions
1. National Account Relationship Manager$80,000
2. Inside Sales Manager$60,000
3. Seven Inside Salespeople$280,000
4. Two Administrative/Customer Service People$85,000
Working Capital
1. Boston Corporate Office
2. Advertisement and Promotion for Growth
3. Establish Benefit Plan
4. Miscellaneous Operating Expenses


  1. New York
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Chicago
  4. San Francisco
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Dallas
  7. Cleveland
  8. Boston
  9. Washington, DC
  10. Houston
  11. Atlanta
  12. Miami
  13. Seattle
  14. San Diego
  15. Phoenix
  16. Minneapolis
  17. New Jersey
  18. St. Louis
  19. Baltimore
  20. Tampa
  21. Pittsburgh
  22. Denver
  23. Detroit
  24. Portland
  25. Cincinnati
  26. San Jose
  27. Riverside
  28. Sacramento
  29. Kansas City
  30. Milwaukee
  31. San Antonio
  32. Providence
  33. Toledo
  34. Salt Lake City
  35. Norfolk
  36. Charlotte
  37. Indianapolis
  38. Orlando
  39. Las Vegas
  40. New Orleans