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Online Publishing System


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Combining the flexibility and interactivity of the web with advanced database driven digital printing, MoonBeam gives organizations the agility to produce on-demand narrowly targeted print documents.

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To develop a profitable, fast-growing company whose core print products and print delivery systems help clients (Fortune 500 companies, franchises, government agencies, etc.) save time to market and control expenses on print and marketing programs. MoonBeam's proprietary process enables these companies to realize the benefits of "live" print documents which are more focused and printed in smaller quantities to reflect the shorter window of opportunity for sales in today's fast-paced economy.


To secure the growth capital necessary to:

  • Launch an aggressive marketing campaign
  • Develop technology and services
  • Develop and expand markets and distribution channels
  • Increase sales force


MoonBeam's proprietary online publishing system provides users with the easiest, fastest, most flexible, and economical means of delivering print communications on the market today. Combining the flexibility and interactivity of the web with advanced database driven digital printing, MoonBeam gives organizations the agility to produce on-demand narrowly targeted print documents. Additionally, the MoonBeam solution centralizes the print process, saving users time finalizing their print order and saving the clients' money by processing orders together.

Companies can now:

  • effect cost savings using a "just in time" document assembly and delivery system which eliminates the problem of too many or too few documents
  • quicklyand affordablyrespond to market demand, maximizing sales opportunities and minimizing sales costs
  • realize a higher return on investment in all print communications with a combination of precision-targeting and unrivaled matching of print need to print run

How it Works

MoonBeam provides a web-based order entry system that allows anyonefrom corporate to consumer end-usersto select, edit, assemble, and deliver products in any quantity. These print products are customized using our "point and click" design tools. These newly developed documents are orderable through the company's proprietary storefront application, and printed by the company's high-end digital presses. Those corporate customers that require standard lithographic printing and storage will be serviced by partnerships with national fulfillment houses, giving customers a complete "pick, pack, and deliver" solution.


MoonBeam's core product and service offerings are as follows:

  • Online Order Entry: An easy-to-use web-based order entry system that enables organizations to assemble and deliver targeted print runs. MoonBeam's process has the built-in intelligence to determine which printing press or methodology is best suited and most economical for that particular print job and assign print vendors, thereby automatically lowering print costs by printing centrally.
  • Online Editing: The process enables users to create and recreate "live" documents, with little or no design training, that can be output via the most efficient and cost efficient print option available. Leveraging the flexibility and interactivity of the web, a "live" document is a print product that is easy to create, customize (promoting reuse), and deliver in economic quantities. (Live documents are more effective than static documents because they are based on the most current and relevant information. They are less costly because they are adapted from existing documents and design elements.)

Using the company's online design tools, customers can now prepare documents to be printed in runs of 250-10,000 with an economy that rivals traditional lithographic printing by eliminating waste, and improving response rates through documents that are "on target and on time."

  • Digital Printing: MoonBeam owns and operates a digital printing press and several large format printers as well as commercial-grade copy machines (both color and black and white). The company's relationships with other strategically deployed digital press operators assures uninterrupted production during peak output times without further capital expense.
  • System Integration: MoonBeam's software engineers build customized print on demand solutions across all vertical markets. The company's integration services are provided directly to the end user or through an "e-print" authorized web shop. MoonBeam's solutions include mass runs of identification cards, editable documents issued from complaint centers, brochure requests for colleges, editable business cards for local business, aftermarket sales programs, personalized travel brochures, brandable sales kits for channel partners, and more.
  • System Integration for Fulfillment Houses: Fulfillment houses store and ship printed materials as well as other products for large enterprise clients on an as-needed basis. However, new print technologies that reduce paper overhead are posing significant challenges to fulfillment houses that are premised on "store and retrieve" business models. MoonBeam provides consultation and systems integration enabling fulfillment houses to modify their existing systems to more efficiently execute orders from existing inventories; moreover, MoonBeam will help migrate these companies to a print-on-demand environment that will keep them viable and competitive as the industry moves toward a "virtual" warehousing (or point, click, and fulfill) approach.
  • Database Driven Marketing Programs: From "affinity" marketing efforts to event-driven initiatives or special one-time offers, the company's storefront technology enables organizations to rapidly and affordably ramp up a print-based campaign. Launched from websites with ties to backend databases, or via a MoonBeam storefront, marketing departments can compose and deliver customized documents in real time, based on the marketing objectives of a particular campaign, and further personalized using specific information gleaned from customer profiles housed in their database.

MoonBeam will generate revenues by:

  • Fee Per Transaction
  • Programming, Systems Integration, and Consultation
  • Printing
  • Database Management
  • Report Generation
  • Specialized Identification Card Programs
  • License Fees for Specialized Software Programming (Centralized Print Platform, Restaurant Complaint Center Management, Automotive Sales Program, Self-service print center)


MoonBeam will target potential solutions partners (printers, fulfillment houses, web design shops) and marketing executives with Fortune 5,000 companies. MoonBeam's e-print solutions support strategic business functions for leading companies in every industry, including:

  • Hotel/Hospitality Industry
  • Cruise Lines
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Insurance


The company's initial marketing campaign will focus on servicing a limited number of companies in select strategic markets (e.g., strategic solutions partnersweb shops, fulfillment houses, printersand Fortune 5,000 organizations). This will enable the company to efficiently and expeditiously prove the value of the technology, accelerate profitability, and carve out niche markets as it expands into other industries and aggregates market share.


MoonBeam's senior management combines digital printing, information technology, fulfillment, and marketing experience. The company's CEO has founded several successful companies, including a print supplies distributor that was sold to a publicly traded company.