Zinberg, Michael

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Zinberg, Michael



Agent—Robert Broder, International Creative Management, 10250 Constellation Way, 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067.


Producer, director, and writer. Worked for Talent Associates and Cherokee Productions; National Broadcasting Co., former vice president for West Coast comedy development for NBC-TV.


Directors Guild of America (member of board of directors).

Awards, Honors:

Emmy Award nomination (with others), outstanding comedy series, 1977, for The Bob Newhart Show; Emmy Award nominations (with others), outstanding drama series, 1990, 1991, 1992, for Quantum Leap; Directors Guild of America Award (with others), outstanding directorial achievement in nighttime dramatic shows, 1991, for "Vietnam," Quantum Leap.


Television Producer; Series:

Assistant producer, Nichols (also known as James Garner and James Garner as Nichols), 1971.

Assistant producer, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (also known as Mary Tyler Moore), 1972-73.

Associate producer, The Bob Newhart Show, CBS, 1972-75.

Associate producer, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (also known as Mary Tyler Moore), 1973-74.

Producer, Paul Sand in "Friends and Lovers" (also known as Friends and Lovers and The Paul Sand Show), 1974.

Producer, The Tony Randall Show, 1976.

Creator and executive producer, The Yellow Rose, NBC, 1983-84.

Creator and producer, Fathers and Sons, NBC, 1986.

Executive producer and producer, Heart of the City (also known as Cold Steel and Neon), ABC, 1986.

Co-executive producer, Quantum Leap, NBC, 1990-91.

Executive producer, Tequila and Bonetti, CBS, 1992.

Also co-executive producer of JAG.

Television Director; Series:

The Bob Newhart Show, CBS, multiple episodes, between 1975 and 1978.

Everybody Loves Raymond (also known as Raymond), CBS, multiple episodes, between 1999 and 2002.

The Practice, ABC, multiple episodes, between 1999 and 2004.

Gilmore Girls (also known as Gilmore Girls: Beginnings), The WB, multiple episodes, 2004-2005.

Television Director; Movies:

(And executive producer) For the Very First Time (also known as Til I Kissed Ya), NBC, 1991.

Accidental Meeting, USA Network, 1994.

A Christmas Wedding, Lifetime, 2006.

Television Work; Pilots:

Producer, The Chopped Liver Brothers, ABC, 1977.

Executive producer and director, Not Until Today (also known as Home Again), NBC, 1979.

Executive producer and director, Mother & Me, M.D., NBC, 1979.

Director, Home Room, ABC, 1981.

Director, Whacked Out, NBC, 1981.

Executive producer and director, The James Boys, NBC, 1982.

Executive producer and director, A Girl's Life, NBC, 1983.

Executive producer and producer, W*A*L*T*E*R, CBS, 1984.

Fathers and Sons, NBC, 1986.

Director, Together We Stand (also known as Nothing Is Easy), 1986.

Executive producer, Fathers and Sons, NBC, 1986.

Director, Built to Last, NBC, 1997.

Television Executive Producer; Episodic:

The Bob Newhart Show, CBS, 1973.

Television Director; Episodic:

We've Got Each Other, CBS, 1977.

"Singles," Lou Grant, CBS, 1978.

"Pilot: Part 2," WKRP in Cincinnati, CBS, 1978.

"Hoodlum Rock," WKRP in Cincinnati, CBS, 1978.

"Turkeys Away," WKRP in Cincinnati, CBS, 1978.

"Preacher," WKRP in Cincinnati, CBS, 1979.

"Double Date," Who's the Boss?, 1985.

"Hunk of the Month," Who's the Boss?, 1985.

Premiere episode, Nothing Is Easy, 1986.

The Tortellis, 1987.

"The Brothers Grimm," L.A. Law, 1987.

"Leapin' Lizards," L.A. Law, 1988.

"Bank Job," Midnight Caller, 1988.

"A Tale of Two Cities," Cheers, NBC, 1988.

"Mercy Me," Midnight Caller, 1989.

"Kelly and the Professor," Coach, ABC, 1989.

"The Loss Weekend," Coach, ABC, 1989.

"Good Morning, Peoria—September 9, 1959," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1989.

"A Portrait for Troian—February 7, 1971," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1989.

"Homewreckers," Coach, ABC, 1990.

"Based on a True Story," Midnight Caller, 1990.

"The Leap Home: Part 2 (Vietnam)—April 7, 1970," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1990.

"One Strobe over the Line—June 15, 1965," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1990.

Premiere episode, Tequila and Bonetti, CBS, 1992.

"The Coma Episode," Mr. & Mrs. Smith, CBS, 1996.

"The Brotherhood," JAG, NBC, 1996.

"The Prisoner," JAG, NBC, 1996.

"Every Picture Tells a Story," The Pretender, NBC, 1996.

"Homefront," The Pretender, NBC, 1998.

Maggie, 1998.

"Junk," The Pretender, NBC, 2000.

"Contact," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (also known as Law & Order: SVU and Special Victims Unit), NBC, 2000.

"Heartbreak City," Charmed, The WB, 2000.

"Apocalypse, Not," Charmed, The WB, 2000.

"Nothing Personal," Any Day Now, Lifetime, 2000.

"Bad Will Hunting," Titans, NBC, 2000.

"Kim Just Wants to Have Fun," Yes, Dear, CBS, 2001.

"Chapter Twenty-one," Boston Public, Fox, 2001.

Premiere episode, She Spies, NBC, 2002.

"As If by Fate," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2002.

"Conspiracy," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2003.

"Two Rooms," In-Laws, NBC, 2003.

"Mr. Monk and the 12th Man," Monk, USA Network, 2003.

"Sub Rosa," Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (also known as NCIS and NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service), CBS, 2003.

"House of the Rising Sun," Lost, ABC, 2004.

"Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece," Psych, USA Network, 2006.

"Manhunt," The Unit, CBS, 2006.

"From the Earth to Starbucks," Psych, USA Network, 2007.

"Dark of the Moon," The Unit, CBS, 2007.

"The Most Beautiful Girl," The Wedding Bells, Fox, 2007.

Also directed episodes of Between Brothers, UPN; Bob; Caroline in the City (also known as Caroline), NBC; Coming of Age, CBS; The Commish, ABC; Eyes, ABC; Family Ties, NBC; First Monday, CBS; The Guardian, CBS; Goode Behavior, UPN; Hack, CBS; Heart of the City; Holding the Baby, Fox; Hooperman; Men Behaving Badly (also known as It's a Man's World), NBC; Mr. Belvedere; Newhart, CBS; 9 to 5, ABC; Payne, CBS; Reasonable Doubts, NBC; Single Guy, NBC; Taxi; The Tony Randall Show; Where I Live; and The White Shadow, CBS.

Television Work; Other:

Co-executive producer and director, Wildest Dreams, 1991.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Divided We Fall," The Yellow Rose, NBC, 1983.

"When Honor Dies," The Yellow Rose, NBC, 1983.

"Sins of the Father," The Yellow Rose, NBC, 1983.

(Uncredited) "Homefront," The Pretender, NBC, 1998.

Also writer of episodes for Coming of Age, Duet, Fathers and Sons, NBC, and The Tony Randall Show.


Television Pilots:

The James Boys, NBC, 1982.

Television Episodes:

"Tobin's Back in Town," The Bob Newhart Show, CBS, 1975.

JAG, NBC, 1996.


The television movie For the Very First Time was based on a story by Zinberg.