Uzzaman, Badi 1939- (Badi Uzzamann)

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Uzzaman, Badi 1939- (Badi Uzzamann)


Born 1939, in Phulpur, India.




Film Appearances:

Dealer, My Beautiful Laundrette, Orion Classics, 1985.

Mortician's assistant, Cry Freedom, Universal, 1987.

Ghost, Sammy and Rosie Get Laid (also known as Sammy and Rosie), Cinecom, 1987.

Shopkeeper, Bellman and True, Island, 1987.

Mr. Patel, Personal Services, 1987.

Family father, Karachi, 1989.

Indian body, Lebewohl, Fremde, 1991.

Ibrahim, K2 (also known as K2: The Ultimate High), Miramax, 1991.

Dadaji's retainer, Immaculate Conception, Barcino Barcino Films, 1992.

Uncle, Bhaji on the Beach, 1993.

Wasim, Son of the Pink Panther (also known as Blake Edwards "Son of the Pink Panther" and Il Figlio della pantera rosa), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1993.

Anwar, The Buddha of Suburbia, 1993.

Old Ram, Brothers in Trouble, Alta Films, 1995.

Ranjan, Bideshi, 1995.

Man in mosque, My Son the Fanatic, Miramax, 1997.

Shopkeeper, Babymother, 1998.

Indian shopkeeper, Mad Cows, Entertainment Film, 1999.

(As Badi Uzzamann) Dr. Chandra, You're Dead, 1999.

Shopkeeper, Kevin and Perry Go Large, Icon Film, 2000.

Dr. Mackay, The Fourth Angel (also known as Vengeance secrete), Artisan Entertainment, 2001.

Passenger, All or Nothing, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2002.

Vikram, Cross My Heart, 2003.

Singh, The Baby Juice Express, Universal Home Video, 2004.

Hassan, Yasmin, 2004.

Kung fu waiter, In Your Dreams, Shoreline Entertainment, 2006.

Chemist, Eastern Promises, Focus Features, 2007.

Television Appearances; Series:

Rashid, Tandoori Nights, 1985.

Uncle Ram, Specials, BBC, 1991.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Ali, The Singing Detective, BBC and PBS, 1986.

Older Indian (in segment "Over and Out," GBH, Channel 4, 1991.

Morgue attendant, Chimera (also known as Monkey Boy), 1991.

Puran Kapoor, Firm Friends, 1992.

Anwar, The Buddha of Suburbia, BBC, 1993.

Mr. Ahmed, Prime Suspect 5: Errors of Judgment, 1996.

Flapper, Gulliver's Travels, NBC, 1996.

Shahid, Holding On, BBC and BBC America, 1997.

Uncle Mo, "Serving the Community," Hetty Wainthropp Investigates III, PBS, 2000.

Elderly Asian man, Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee, BBC, 2005.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Clinic registrar, Frankenstein's Baby, BBC, 1990.

Arshak, Lie Down with Lions (also known as Red Eagle), Lifetime, 1994.

Ajit Rao, Milner, 1994.

Mohanial, Two Oranges and a Mango, 1994.

Cracker: To Be a Somebody, Arts and Entertainment, 1995.

Shopkeeper, Babymother, Channel 4, 1998.

Abby, Planespotting, ITV, 2005.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Cab driver, Mother Love, PBS, 1990.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Amar, "Outpost," CBS Summer Playhouse, CBS, 1989.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Mr. Ahmed, "Home Beat," The Bill, ITV1, 1985.

Surinder's father, "Grand Expectations," Boon, ITV, 1986.

Mohun-Lal, "The Bombay Ducks," Call Me Mister, BBC, 1986.

Kartar Singh, "The Sign of Four," The Return of Sherlock Holmes, Series II, PBS, 1988.

Bharat Patel, "Victim of Circumstance," Casualty, BBC1, 1989.

Mr. Gopal, "Enemies," The Bill, ITV1, 1990.

Chip Van Owner, "Fat Chance," Inspector Morse, ITV and PBS, 1991.

Jasbeer, "Words of Advice," Between the Lines (also known as Inside the Line), 1992.

Mr. Patel, Coronation Street (also known as Corrie), 1993.

Shahid Ali, "To Be a Somebody," Cracker, ITV and Arts and Entertainment, 1994.

Mr. Jamal, Crown Prosecutor, 1995.

Old Indian Man, "Unknown Soldiers," A Touch of Frost, ITV, 1996.

Sharma, "Not Cricket," Backup, BBC, 1997.

Mr. Gupta, "Next of Kin," Casualty, BBC1, 1998.

Ramesh, "Ghost Squad: Part 1," In Deep, BBC, 2001.

Gupta, "Bridging the Gap," Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, BBC, 2002.

Grandad Usmani, Clocking Off, BBC, 2003.

Ranjith Mehta, "Perks of the Job," Casualty, BBC1, 2003.

Mr. Sardar, Mile High, Sky, 2004.

Hotel desk man, The Grid, BBC and TNT, 2004.

Suzie's father, "They Keep Killing Suzie," Torchwood, BBC, 2006.