Taxier, Arthur

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TAXIER, Arthur


Born in the Bronx, New York, NY.

Addresses: Agent—Pakula/King & Associates, 9229 West Sunset Blvd., Suite 315, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Career: Actor.


Film Appearances:

Decorator, Mommie Dearest, Paramount, 1981.

Truck technician, Looker, Warner Bros., 1981.

Donald, Making Love, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1982.

Bouncer, No Small Affair, Columbia, 1984.

FBI agent, The Falcon and the Snowman, Orion, 1985.

Television newscaster, Monster in the Closet, 1987.

Father, The Pickle, Columbia, 1993.

Detective Chassman, Playmaker (also known as Private Teacher), Orion, 1994.

Special agent Davis, Open Fire, 1994.

Mr. Riley, Twisted Love, Concorde–New Horizons, 1995.

Dr. Fisher, Donnie Darko, Newmarket Films, 2001.

Hotel security, The Mexican, DreamWorks, 2001.

Commissioner, Final Breakdown (also known as Truth Be Told and Turnaround), Niko Filmworks/Strange Fruit Films, 2002.

Mr. Browning, Home Room, Innovation Film Group, 2003.

Professor, Old School, DreamWorks, 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

Internal affairs detective Shipman, Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1983–87.

Mike Harris, Falcon Crest, CBS, 1984–85.

Lieutenant Carl Zymak, Midnight Caller, NBC, 1988.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Connelly, Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story (also known as Alcatraz and Clarence Carnes), NBC, 1980.

Dr. Robert Van Dolah, From the Earth to the Moon, HBO, 1998.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Mr. Beringer, Mrs. R's Daughter, NBC, 1979.

Stuart, The Last Song, CBS, 1980.

Second detective, Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter, ABC, 1984.

Sergeant Mahaaski, Murder: By Reason of Insanity (also known as My Sweet Victim), CBS, 1985.

Police captain Harry Fogel, "Casebusters," The Disney Sunday Movie, ABC, 1986.

Bumgarten, Convicted: A Mother's Story, NBC, 1987.

Dr. Davidson, Deadly Care, CBS, 1987.

Ellis Milbourne/Frank Johnson, Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace, NBC, 1988.

Andrew Kaufman, Prime Target, NBC, 1989.

Captain Pashnick, The Cover Girl and the Cop (also known as Beauty & Denise), NBC, 1989.

John Astin, Call Me Anna, ABC, 1990.

Frank Bossit, Perry Mason: The Case of the Heartbroken Bride, NBC, 1992.

Martin Hoss, The Cover Girl Murders, USA Network, 1993.

Doctor Cole, Above Suspicion (also known as The Rhinehart Theory), HBO, 1995.

Reverend Charles Coit, Legacy of Sin: The William Coit Story, Fox, 1995.

Lee Gabler, The Late Shift, HBO, 1996.

Lieutenant Hammond, Once You Meet a Stranger, CBS, 1996.

Rheinholt, Book of Days, PAX TV, 2003.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Coach Jeffries, "The Hero Who Couldn't Read," ABC Afterschool Specials, ABC, 1984.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

District attorney, "Might as Well Be Dead," Nero Wolfe, NBC, 1981.

Surgeon, "The Life You Save," M*A*S*H, CBS, 1981.

"El Paso Murders," Today's F.B.I., ABC, 1981.

Briles, "Domestic Beef," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1982.

Dale Tollifer, "Recovery," Lou Grant, CBS, 1982.

Dalco, "Dead Man's Hand," The Powers of Matthew Star, NBC, 1983.

David Haddon, "Bail Out," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1983.

Dr. Lang, "... And Never Brought to Mind," Knots Landing, CBS, 1983.

Dr. Morton Chegley, "Remission," St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1983.

Mel, "Blind Spot," Knight Rider, NBC, 1983.

Tom, "Confrontations," Hotel, ABC, 1983.

"The Price of Dreams," For Love and Honor, NBC, 1983.

Dr. Morton Chegley, "Hearing," St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1984.

Paul Zaybe, "Child Witness," Cagney & Lacey, CBS, 1984.

"Dead Ringer," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1984.

"Hotel Styles," The A Team, NBC, 1984.

"It Coulda Been Worse, She Coulda Been a Welder," Hardcastle and McCormick, ABC, 1984.

Escalus, "Blood, Sweat, and Cheers," The A Team, NBC, 1985.

Frank, "Fools and Their Money," Cheers, NBC, 1985.

Frank Prescott, "Identities," Hotel, ABC, 1985.

George Delgado, "Conventional Warfare," Hardcastle and McCormick, ABC, 1985.

Valet, "Deadly Silence," Finder of Lost Loves, ABC, 1985.

"The Murder's in the Mail," Moonlighting, ABC, 1985.

KGB agent, "Grand Elusion," Misfits of Science, NBC, 1986.

Lieutenant Steven Zweigenhoff, "Steele Alive and Kicking," Remington Steele, NBC, 1986.

Monty Fugleman, "The Wedding Bell Blues," Riptide, NBC, 1986.

"One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn't," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1986.

Bill Weiderman, "Sorry, Right Number," Tales from the Darkside, syndicated, 1987.

Dr. Morton Chegley, "No Chemo, Sabe?," St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1987.

Dr. Peter Warren, "The Wizard of Odds," L.A. Law, NBC, 1987.

Dr. Peter Warren, "Cannon of Ethics," L.A. Law, NBC, 1987.

"Green Blizzard," Mike Hammer (also known as Mickey Spillane's "Mike Hammer"), CBS, 1987.

Colonel Trowbridge, "Angel of Mercy," Tour of Duty, CBS, 1988.

Dr. Morton Chegley, "Final Cut," St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1988.

"High Noon," Hooperman, ABC, 1988.

"Blood and Remembrance," Doogie Howser, M.D., ABC, 1989.

"Financial Affairs," Sibs, ABC, 1991.

Agent Alan Pierce, "The Kidnapping: Parts 1 & 2," Matlock, ABC, 1994.

Austin Hackett, "Food Chains," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1994.

Austin Hackett, "Over the Rainbow," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1994.

Harold White, "Ghosts," Models Inc., Fox, 1994.

Harold White, "Ultimatums Are Us," Models Inc., Fox, 1994.

Jordan Sanders, "Broadcast Blues," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1994.

Agent Frank Morrow, "Oy! To the World," Melrose Place, Fox, 1995.

Agent Frank Morrow, "Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," Melrose Place, Fox, 1995.

Arthur York, "An Innocent Murder," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1995.

Kendall Dean, "Hat Trick," Strange Luck, Fox, 1995.

Mr. Daggett, "Permanence of Change," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1995.

Tanner, "Take the Points," Pointman, syndicated, 1995.

Detective Korris, "Night Whispers," Baywatch Nights, syndicated, 1996.

George Barrett, "The Warren Omission," Dark Skies, NBC, 1997.

Henry Daiken, "A Different Light," Dangerous Minds, ABC, 1997.

Henry Daiken, "Everybody Wants It," Dangerous Minds, ABC, 1997.

Mr. Doucette, "Orange Kid," C–16: FBI, ABC, 1997.

Police officer, "Ascension," Baywatch Nights, syndicated, 1997.

Police officer, "Zargatha," Baywatch Nights, syndicated, 1997.

Bart, "The Beginning," The X–Files, Fox, 1998.

Dr. Reissman, "Top Gun," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1998.

"Cravings," Profiler, NBC, 1998.

Rabbi Morgenstern, "Kissing Mr. Covington," Felicity, The WB, 2000.

Helen Washington's attorney, "The Day After," The Practice, ABC, 2001.

Marcus Foster, "A Private Life," Six Feet Under, HBO, 2001.

Perillot, "Secrets and Lies," The Division (also known as Heart of the City), Lifetime, 2001.

Graham Laird, "The Cutting of the Swath," Dragnet (also known as L.A. Dragnet), ABC, 2003.

Judge Frederick Owens, "Meet the Grandparents," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2003.

Judge Frederick Owens, "Yo, Adrian," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2003.

Appeared as Judge Englund in "Beach House" and "Separation Anxiety," both unaired episodes of The Lyon's Den, NBC.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Hunter, NBC, 1984.

Skelly, "Incident in a Small Jail," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, NBC, 1985.

Tony Carto, Hollywood Starr, ABC, 1985.

Arthur Cohen, Class of '96, Fox, 1993.