Pertwee, Sean 1964–

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Pertwee, Sean 1964–


Born June 4, 1964, in London, England; son of Jon Pertwee (an actor); married Jacqui Hamilton-Smith, 1999.

Addresses: Contact—Natural Nylon, 36 Marshall St., London W1F 7EY, England.

Career: Actor, voice performer, and director. Acted with Royal Shakespeare Company. Natural Nylon (film company), London, cofounder. Also worked as a designer of album covers, a painter, and an animator.


Film Appearances:

Orton's friend, Prick Up Your Ears, Samuel Goldwyn, 1987.

Coping with Cupid, 1991.

German tourist, London Kills Me, Fine Line, 1991.

Keith Chadwick, Leon the Pig Farmer, Unapix Films, 1993.

Gestapo arresting Berger, Swing Kids, Buena Vista, 1993.

The quiet one, Dirty Weekend, 1993.

Tommy, Shopping, Concorde, 1994.

Martin, I.D. (also known as Undercover), 1995.

J. C, Blue Juice, Skreba Films, 1995.

George, Stiff Upper Lips, MetroDome, 1997.

Pilot Smith, Event Horizon, Paramount, 1997.

Narrator, The Works (documentary), 1997.

Bradley Cortese, Tale of the Mummy (also known as Russell Mulcahy's "Tale of the Mummy" and Talos the Mummy), Dimension Films, 1998.

Mace, Soldier, Warner Bros., 1998.

Five Seconds to Spare, Winchester Films, 1999.

Martin Shaw, Seven Days to Live (also known as Seven Days and Du lebst noch 7 Tage), Studio Home Entertainment, 2000.

Sean, Love, Honour, and Obey (also known as Love, Honor, and Obey), Keystone Pictures, 2001.

Detective Virgil Kane, The 51st State (also known as Formula 51 and Formule 51), Screen Gems, 2002.

Sergeant Harry G. Wells, Dog Soldiers, Artisan Entertainment, 2002.

Father, Equilibrium (also known as Cubic), Dimension Films, 2002.

Duncan, Greyfriars Bobby (also known as The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby), Storm Entertainment, 2005.

Dani Simionescu, The Prophecy: Uprising, Dimension Films, 2005.

Barry Rankin, Goal!, Buena Vista, 2005.

Sergeant McMillan, The Last Drop, First Look Home Entertainment, 2006.

Jed, Wilderness, Momentum Pictures, 2006.

Barry Rankin, Goal! 2: Living the Dream, Walt Disney, 2006.

Film Director:

Another 24 Hours in London (short film; also known as Just Another Day in London), 1996.

Television Appearances; Series:

Jamie Douglas, Chancer, PBS, 1990–91.

Ian Worrell, Bodyguards, 1996–97.

Storyteller, The Fear, BBC, 2001.

Narrator, Spymaster, 2002.

Mark Cubitt, a recurring role, Cold Feet, ITV, 2001, 2003.

Narrator, Massive Nature, BBC, 2004.

Richard Head, A Bear's Tail, Channel 4, 2005.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Oliver Koch, The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story (also known as Why Lockerbie), HBO, 1990.

Detective Sergeant Barry Vine, Kissing the Gunner's Daughter, 1992.

Youth at station, Trauma (also known as Dario Argento's "Trauma"), 1992.

Tomazo, The Changeling, Bravo, 1994.

Ion, Deadly Voyage, HBO, 1996.

Title role, Macbeth, Channel 4, 1998.

Driver, "Steal Away," Tube Tales, Sky TV, 1999.

Dr. Owen Griffith, Marple: The Moving Finger, Arts and Entertainment, 2006.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Jack Belford, "Clarissa," Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1992.

Marcus Brutus, Cleopatra, ABC, 1999.

Issac, In the Beginning, NBC, 2000.

Labienus, Julius Caesar (also known as Caesar and Giulio Cesare), TNT, 2002.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Narrator, London: The Greatest City, Channel 4, 2002.

Narrator, Cilla in Black & White, 2003.

Narrator, D-Day: The Ultimate Conflict, Channel 5, 2004.

Richard Hennerson, A Bear's Christmas Tail, Channel 4, 2004.

Narrator, Europe: A Natural History, BBC, 2005.

Narrator, The 100 Greatest War Films, Channel 4, 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Interviewee, "Jon Pertwee," This Is Your Life, ITV, 1971.

Ronnie Oglander, "The King of Clubs," Poirot (also known as Agatha Christie's "Poirot"), Arts and Entertainment, 1989.

Police Constable Nick Johns, "Chain Reaction," Casualty, BBC1, 1989.

D.S. Kevin Powers, The Chief, Anglia (England), 1990.

Don't's son-in-law, Harry Enfield's Television Programme, 1990.

Richard Forrest, "Christmas Past, Christmas Present," Cluedo (also known as Clue), Granada (England), 1991.

David Kennedy, "Whispering Grass," Boon, Central (England), 1992.

Matt Andries, "Dreams Imagic," Virtual Murder, BBC, 1992.

Captain Heinz, "Germany, Mid-August 1916," The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, ABC, 1992.

Captain Heinz, "Verdun, September 1916," The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, ABC, 1992.

Francis Barratt, "Hope to Die," Peak Practice, Central Independent (England), 1993.

Under-Sheriff Hugh Beringar, "Monk's Hood," Cadfael (also known as Mystery! Cadfael), PBS, 1994.

Darren "Dazza" Scott, "Quarry," A Touch of Frost, Yorkshire (England), 1995.

"The Leader," Operation Good Guys, BBC, 2000.

Carl Mackenzie, "Multistorey," Waking the Dead, BBC, 2003.

Guest, Bo' Selecta! (also known as Bo' Selecta! Vol 3), Channel 4, 2004.

Also appeared as Under-Sheriff Hugh Beringar, "Leper of St. Giles," Cadfael (also known as Mystery! Cadfael), PBS.

Stage Appearances:

A Question of Geography, Royal Shakespeare Company (Stratford-upon-Avon, England), 1987.

Pierce, the drawer, The New Inn, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1987.

Titus Andronicus, Royal Shakespeare Company, 1988–89.

Also appeared in Oklahoma, Surrey County Youth Theatre, 1980s.

Radio Appearances:

Peter Grimes, Radio 4 (England), 1996.


Video Games:

Voice of Piers Featherstone, The Gene Machine, 1996.

Voices of Asmodeus and others, Shadow Man: 2econd Coming, Acclaim Entertainment, 2001.

Narrator, Medieval: Total War, Activision, 2002.

Voice of Jared, Primal, Sony Computer Entertainment America, 2003.

Narrator, Medieval: Total War—Viking Invasion, Activision, 2003.

Voice of Governor Severus, Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior, THQ Inc., 2003.

Voice of Invictus Thrax, Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance, Acclaim Studios, 2003.

Voice of Colonel Gregor Hakha, Killzone, Sony Computer Entertainment America, 2004.


Songs Featured in Films:

"Fireball XL5," Love, Honour, and Obey (also known as Love, Honor, and Obey), Keystone Pictures, 2001.