Pearthree, Pippa 1956–

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PEARTHREE, Pippa 1956


Born September 23, 1956, in Baltimore, MD. Education: Attended New York University.

Career: Actress. Denver Center Theatre Company, member, 197980.


Film Appearances:

Maggie, Soffel's cook, Mrs. Soffel, MetroGoldwyn Mayer/United Artists, 1984.

Nancy, Out of the Rain (also known as End of Innocence ), LIVE Home Video, 1991.

Sarah Miller, Village of the Damned, Universal, 1995.

Patty Valentine, The Hurricane, MCA/Universal, 1999.

Also appeared in Harvest.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Sally, Liz, Ellie, Aggie, Winkie, old lady, Helen, Meg, and Bertha, The Dining Room, 1984.

Lauren Davis, Fatal Judgment (also known as Fatal Dosage ), CBS, 1988.

Janet Armstrong, Empty Cradle, ABC, 1993.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Louisa, "Fool's Fire," American Playhouse, PBS, 1992.

Television Appearances; Series:

Melanie Wayne Bittinger, a recurring role, Buffalo Bill, NBC, 19831984.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Sarah, "China Rain," The Equalizer, CBS, 1985.

Nedra Dowd, "Steele Alive and Kicking," Remington Steele, NBC, 1986.

Amateur exterminator, "Here's Another Bedtime Story," The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, NBC, 1987.

Martha, "The Field Trip," Day by Day, 1988.

Judith Kincaid, "Book of Renovation, Chapter 1," L.A. Law, NBC, 1993.

Therapist, "Yankee Glory," New York News, 1995.

Therapist, "Past Imperfect," New York News, 1995.

Therapist, "Cost of Living," New York News, 1995.

Aileen, a cancer patient, As the World Turns, CBS, 1998.

Judge Esther Morrow, "Scrambled," Law & Order, NBC, 1998.

Judge Esther Morrow, "Collision," Law & Order, NBC, 2000.

Judge Esther Morrow, "Suicide Box," Law & Order, NBC, 2003.

Judge Esther Morrow, "Payback," Law & Order, NBC, 2004.

Stage Appearances:

(Broadway debut) Jan, Grease, Eden Theatre, New York City, 19771978.

Kay Sadler, Whose Life Is It, Anyway?, New York City, 1979.

(OffBroadway debut) Lorraine, American Days, Manhattan Theatre Club/Downstage, New York City, 19801981.

Tonka, Hunting Scenes from Lower Bavaria, Manhattan Theatre Club/Downstage, 1981.

The Dining Room, Playwrights Horizon Theatre, New York City, then Astor Place Theatre, New York City, 1982.

Helen Dawes, The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs, Manhattan Theatre Club/Downstage, 1982.

Ophelia, Hamlet, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public/Anspacher Theatre, New York City, 19821983.

The Hostage, Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT, 19831984.

Lemon, Aunt Dan and Lemon, Public/Martinson Hall, New York City, 1986.

The Incredibly Famous Willy Rivers, Old Globe Theatre, New York City, 19861987.

Anthony and Cleopatra, Old Globe Theatre, 19861987.

Phebe, As You Like It, 1990.

Parthenope Nightingale, Nightingale, Vineyard Theatre, New York City, 19901991.

Kitty, Taking Steps, Circle in the Square, New York City, 1991.

Fefu and Her Friends, Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, CT, 19911992.

Escape from Happiness, Yale Repertory Theatre, then Center Stage, Baltimore, MD, both 19921993.

Bellboy, Titanic, LuntFontanne Theatre, New York City, 19981999.

Wrong Mountain, The Eugene O'Neill Theatre, New York City, 2000.

Brooklyn Bridge, National Arts Club, New York City, 2002.

Cora McCarthy, Endpapers, Variety Arts Theatre, New York City, 2002.

Also appeared in And I Ain't Finished Yet; Taking Steps, Broadway production; The Miss Firecracker Contest, Manhattan Theatre Club; and Nest of the Woodgrouse, Kennedy Center.

Major Tours:

Cal, The Magic Show, U.S. cities, 19741975.

Jan, Grease, U.S. cities, 19761978.