Palmer, Geoffrey 1927–

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Palmer, Geoffrey 1927–


Born June 4, 1927, in London, England; son of Frederick Charles (a chartered surveyor) and Norah Gwendolen (maiden name, Robins) Palmer; married Sally Green, 1963; children: Charles, Harriet. Education: Attended Highgate School.

Addresses: Manager—Marmont Management, Langham House, 308 Regent St., London W1R 5AL, England.

Career: Actor. Q Theatre, apprentice; Theatre of Comedy, founding member. Military service: Royal Marines, 1946–48, served as a corporal instructor.

Awards, Honors: Awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire, 2005.


Television Appearances; Series:

Soldier, The Army Game, Granada, 1958–59.

Johnson, Best of Enemies, Thames Television, 1968–69.

Doc, Colditz, BBC, 1972–74.

Malcolm Frear, Bill Brand, Thames, 1976.

Jimmy Anderson, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, BBC, 1976–79, PBS, 1978–79.

Ben Parkinson, Butterflies, BBC-2, 1978–83, PBS, 1981–82.

Leo Bannister, The Last Song, BBC, 1981–83.

Foreign secretary, Whoops Apocalypse, London Weekend Television, 1982.

Major Harry Truscott, Fairly Secret Army, Channel Four, 1984, then syndicated, 1987.

Donald Fairchild, Executive Stress, Thames Television, 1986–87, then PBS, 1987–88.

Harold Stringer, Hot Metal, London Weekend Television, 1986 and 1988, PBS, 1988–89.

Lionel Hardcastle, As Time Goes By, BBC, 1992–98.

Sir Stanley Birkin, Full Throttle (also known as Heroes and Villains: Full Throttle), BBC, 1995.

Jimmy Anderson, The Legacy of Reginald Perrin, BBC, 1996.

Himself, Tales from the River Bank, 1997.

Donald, The Savages, BBC, 2001.

Narrator, Grumpy Old Men, BBC, 2003.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Sir Edward Clarke, Edward the King (also known as Edward VII, Edward the Seventh and The Royal Victorians, ITV, 1975.

Dr. Edwin Lorimer, Death of an Expert Witness, PBS, 1983.

Mr. Burton, Christabel, BBC-2, 1988, then broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1989.

Major General Sir Robert Godolphin, After the War, PBS, 1989.

The ruler, Look at the State We're In!, BBC, 1995.

Narrator, Middle Classes: Their Rise and Sprawl, 2001.

Robert Tollworth, Stig of the Dump, BBC, 2002.

William Makepeace Thackeray, Dickens, BBC and PBS, 2002.

Narrator, Looking for Victoria, BBC, 2003.

Sir Marmaduke Rowley, He Knew He Was Right, BBC and PBS, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Military police motorcyclist, A Prize of Arms, 1962.

The angry doctor, The Insurance Man, BBC, 1985.

Commander, Stalag Luft, Yorkshire Television, 1993.

Robert Crane, Reckless: The Movie (also known as Reckless: The Sequel), Granada Television, 1998, then broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1999.

Minnit, The Young Visitors, BBC, 2003.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Cathy Come Home (also known as The Wednesday Play: Cathy Come Home), BBC, 1965.

Chief officer, No Place Like Earth (also known as Out of the Unknown: No Place Like Earth), BBC, 1965.

The Beckoning Shadow (also known as Mystery and Imagination: The Beckoning Shadow), ITV, 1966.

"The Shooting War," City '68, Granada Television, 1967.

Professor Peter Whybrow, The Chequers Manoeuvre (also known as Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Chequers Manoeuvre), BBC, 1968.

Jack Mervyn, The Uninvited (also known as Out of the Unknown: The Uninvited), BBC, 1971.

Richard Nicholls, Only Make Believe (also known as Play for Today: Only Make Believe), BBC, 1973.

Ralph, Going, Going, Gone … Free?, BBC, 1975.

A Story to Frighten the Children (also known as Play for Today: A Story to Frighten the Children), BBC, 1976.

Quince, A Midsummer Night's Dream (also known as BBC Television Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream), BBC-2, 1981 and 1982.

The Houseboy, Yorkshire Television, 1982.

A Little Rococo, 1982.

Robert Lancaster, Waters of the Moon, BBC, 1983, then Arts and Entertainment, 1986.

Ronald Brewster-Wright, Absurd Person Singular, BBC, 1985, then Arts and Entertainment, 1985.

Bernard, Season's Greetings, BBC, 1986, then Arts and Entertainment, 1988.

Major General Sir Robert Godolphin, After the War, Granada Television, 1990, then broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1990.

Donleavy, A Question of Attribution, BBC, 1992, then broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1992.

Parker, Comic Relief: Behind the Nose, BBC, 1992.

White king, Alice through the Looking Glass, BBC, 1999.

Ben Parkinson, Butterflies Reunion Special, BBC, 2000.

Judi Dench: A BAFTA Tribute, BBC, 2002.

The Funny Blokes of British Comedy, 2005.

Corbett's ghost, The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag, BBC, 2005.

Also appeared in Radio Pictures, BBC.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Round Britain, BBC, 1950.

Peter Hughes, "Smash but No Grab," Police Surgeon, Associated British Picture Corporation Weekend Television, 1960.

Philip Anthony, "Dance with Death," The Avengers, Associated British Picture Corporation, 1961.

Captain Felipe, "The Eagle of San Gualo," Top Secret, 1962.

Paul Manning, "Propellant 23," The Avengers, ITV, 1962.

Newspaper reporter, "The Edge of Discovery," Suspense, BBC, 1963.

Dr. Terence, "Man With Two Shadows," The Avengers, ITV, 1963.

Pete Ferguson, "The Rough Diamonds," The Saint, ITV, 1963.

Donald Halston, "And a Very Fine Fiddle Has He," Public Eye, ITV, 1965.

Martin Smythe, "A Surfeit of H2O," The Avengers, ITV, 1965.

Dr. Pringle, "No, No, Nothing Like That," Public Eye, ITV, 1966.

"The Beckoning Shadow," Mystery and Imagination, 1966.

Anstruther, "Masquerade," The Baron, 1966.

Anstruther, "The Killing," The Baron, 1966.

Jerry Martin, "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down," The Troubleshooters, BBC, 1967.

Jerry Martin, "The Minister of the Crown … And the Very Compromising Photograph," The Troubleshooters, BBC, 1968.

PC Footer, George and the Dragon, ITV, 1968.

Arthur New, "Two Kinds of Crash," Fraud Squad, Associated Television, 1969.

Gosford, "1+1=1.5," Out of the Unknown, BBC-2, 1969.

Jack Mervyn, "The Uninvited," Out of the Unknown, BBC-2, 1969.

Barney French, "Special Duty: Part 2," Z Cars, BBC, 1969.

Assistant Chief Constable Rogers, "The Visitors: Part 2," The Expert, BBC, 1969.

Chief Superintendent Smeed, "Hunt the Peacock," Detective, BBC, 1969.

Detective Inspector Dean, "There Must Be a Mr. X," Paul Temple, BBC, 1969.

Masters, "The Silurians," Doctor Who, BBC, 1970.

Professor Brett, "The Lie Direct," Softly Softly, BBC, 1971.

Major Sims, "Invasion," Doomwatch, BBC, 1971.

Administrator, "The Mutants," Doctor Who, BBC, 1972.

Chief superintendent Mallory, "Say Knife, Fat Man," Doomwatch, BBC, 1972.

Air traffic controller, "Final Approach," Fly Into Danger, 1972.

Doc, "Tweedledum," Colditz, BBC, 1972.

Doc, "Gone Away: Part 1 and 2," Colditz, BBC, 1973.

Major Ryder, "Judas Goat," Menace, BBC, 1973.

Doctor, "Follow That Ring," The Liver Birds, BBC, 1974.

Lawrence Rutherford, "Arrival," Angels, BBC1, 1975.

Lawrence Rutherford, "Home Sweet Home," Angels, BBC1, 1976.

Lawrence Rutherford, "Decision," Angels, BBC1, 1976.

Athol Fairfax QC, "The Hot Water Boat," Sutherland's Law, BBC, 1976.

Head of faculty, "The Professor," Van der Valk, ITV, 1977.

"The Ghost in the Pale Blue Dress," Scorpion Tales, 1978.

Commander Watson, "Feet of Clay," The Sweeney, Thames Television and Euston Films, 1978.

Simon Sinclair, "Where the Jungle Ends," The Professionals, London Weekend Television, 1978.

Dr. Price, "The Kipper and the Corpse," Fawlty Towers, BBC-2, 1979.

Freddie Williams, "All at Sea," Bless Me Father, ITV, 1979.

School headmaster, "War Babies," The Goodies, BBC, 1980.

Avery, "The Ojuka Situation," The Professionals, London Weekend Television, 1981.

Dr. Edwin Lorimer, Death of an Expert Witness, Anglia Television, 1983, then broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, 1985.

Oxbridge Blues, BBC-2, 1984, then PBS, 1985.

Field Marshal Haig, "Plan F: Goodbye," Blackadder Goes Forth, BBC, 1989.

Nigel Carter, "Roots of Evil," Bergerac, BBC, 1990.

Matthew Copley-Barnes, "The Infernal Serpent," Inspector Morse (also known as Inspector Morse, Series IV), Central Television, 1990, broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, 1991.

Harold Cartell, "Hand in Glove," The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries (also known as Ngaio Marsh's Alleyn Mysteries), BBC, 1993, Arts and Entertainment, 1994.

The ruler, "Nanny Knows Best," Look at the State We're In!, BBC, 1995.

Lord Harcourt, "Country Life," Absolute Power, BBC, 2003.

"The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin," Comedy Connections, BBC, 2004.

Appeared in Coronation Street, Granada Television.

Film Appearances:

Dr. Tanfield, Incident at Midnight (also known as Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Incident at Midnight), Schoenfeld, 1966.

Police driver, The Engagement, Anglo/EMI, 1970.

Doctor and Basil Keyes, O Lucky Man!, Warner Bros., 1973.

First police officer, The Battle of Billy's Pond, Children's Film Foundation, 1976.

Colonel Wyndham, The Outsider, CIC/Paramount, 1979.

British ambassador Belfrage, Beyond the Limit (also known as The Honorary Consul), Paramount, 1983.

Fallast, A Zed and Two Noughts (also known as Zoo: A Zed and Two Noughts), Skouras/Samuel Goldwyn Company/Artificial Eye, 1985.

Narrator, Inside Rooms: 26 Bathrooms, London and Oxfordshire, 1985 (also known as 26 Bathrooms), Artifax, 1985.

Headmaster Canford, Clockwise, Universal, 1986.

Judge, A Fish Called Wanda, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1988.

Saab salesperson, Hawks, Skouras/Rank, 1988.

Sir Horace Wimbel, Smack and Thistle, 1990.

Warren, The Madness of King George (also known as The Madness and King George III), Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1994.

Admiral Roebuck, Tomorrow Never Dies, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1997.

Henry Ponsonby, Mrs. Brown (also known as Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown), Miramax, 1997.

Butler's voice, Stiff Upper Lips, Chrysalis Films, 1998.

Lord John Bradley, Anna and the King, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1999.

The doctor, Rat, United International, 2000.

Sir Edward Quiller Couch, Peter Pan, Universal, 2003.

Flushed Away, United International, 2006.

Stage Appearances:

Albertine by Moon Light, Westminster Theatre, London, 1955.

Edward, West of Suez, Royal Court Theatre, London, 1971.

Elmer Penn, Savages, Royal Court Theatre, 1973.

Farrant, Eden End, National Theatre, London, 1974.

Victor, Private Lives, Globe Theatre, London, 1974.

Richard, On Approval, Haymarket Theatre Royal, London, 1975.

Warwick, Saint Joan, Old Vic Theatre, London, 1978.

Layborne, Tishoo, Wyndham's Theatre, London, 1979.

Sir John, A Friend Indeed, National Theatre Company, Shaftesbury Theatre, London, 1984.

Sydney, Kafka's Dick, Royal Court Theatre, 1986.

Porfiry, Piano, National Theatre Company, Cottesloe Theatre, London, 1990.

Appeared as Sherlock Holmes, The Mask of Moriarty, Haymarket Theatre Royal; also appeared in Difference of Opinion, Garrick Theatre, London.

Major Tours:

Appeared in The Little Hut, Asian cities.

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