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PALMER, Martin (Giles)

PALMER, Martin (Giles). British, b. 1953. Genres: Theology/Religion, Philosophy. Career: Christian Education Movement of Greater Manchester, Manchester, England, regional organizer, 1977-79; Centre for the Study of Religion and Education in the Inner City, Manchester, founder/director, 1977-83; International Consultancy on Religion, Education and Culture, Manchester, director, 1983-; Christian Statesman magazine, founder, 1978-; International Labour Reports magazine, founder, 1983-; Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), secretary general, 1995-; Sacred Land Project, founder/director, 1997-. Spiritual advisor to Prince Philip of England; cofounder of Sacred Earth Drama, 1991; external advisor for Sikh World Council India, 1996-; World Wildlife Fund advisor; international lecturer; contributor to magazines and newspapers; regular presenter for radio and television programs. Publications: Faiths and Festivals, 1984; Sacred Trinity, Salford, 1635-1985, 1985; (with E. Bisset) Worlds of Difference, 1985; (with Man-Ho Kwok and J. O'Brien) The Fortune Teller's I Ching, 1986; (with S. Tang) Chinese Herbal Prescriptions: A Practical and Authoritative Self-Help Guide, 1986; (with Man-Ho Kwok and K. Brown) Three Lives, 1987; Genesis or Nemesis, 1988; (with Man-Ho Kwok and J. O'Brien) The Eight Immortals of Taoism, 1990; Faith in the Future, 1991; What Should We Teach?: Christians and Education in a Pluralist World, 1991; (with J. O'Brien and E. Breuilly) Religion for a Change, 3 vols, 1991; (with E. Jennings) Living the Changes, 1992; Creation Harvest Handbook, 1993; Lord of Creation, 1993; (with J. O'Brien) The State of Religion Atlas, 1993; (with A. Patterson) A Way to Whithorn, 1993; Coming of Age, 1993; Living Christianity, 1993; The Elements of Taoism, 1995; (with J. Ramsay) I Ching: The Shamanic Oracle of Change, 1995; (with E. Breuilly) After the Ark, 1996; (with Zhao Xiaomin) Essential Chinese Mythology, 1997; (with O.B. Duane) Mysticism, 1997; (with E. Breuilly and J. O'Brien) Religions of the World: The Illustrated Guide to Origins, Beliefs, Traditions, 1997; (with N. Palmer and D. Bellamy) Sacred Britain, 1997; (with J. Westwood) Sacred Journeys, 1997; Travels through Sacred China: Guide to the Soul and Spiritual Heritage of China, 1997; (with J. O'Brien and Zhao Xiaomin) The Feng Shui Workbook: A Room-by-Room Guide to Effective Feng Shui in Your Home and Workplace, 1998; (with J. Ramsay and Man-Ho Kwok) Kuan Yin: Myths and Revelations of the Chinese Goddess of Compassion, 1998; Yin & Yang: Understanding the Chinese Philosophy of Opposites and How to Apply It to Your Everyday Life, 1998; (with D. Manning) Sacred Gardens: A Guide to the Traditions, Meaning, and Design of Beautiful and Tranquil Places, 2000; (with N. Palmer) The Spiritual Traveler: England, Scotland, Wales: The Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes in Britain, 2000; (with Zhao Xiaomin and Richard Craze) Chinese Fortune Sticks, 2000; (with E. Wong) The Jesus Sutras: Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity, 2001; (with N. Palmer) The Sacred History of Britain: Landscape, Myth, and Power: The Forces That Have Shaped Britain's Spirituality, 2002; The Times World Religions, 2002; The Sacred History of Britain, 2002. EDITOR: Essential Teachings of Islam, 1987; (with A. Nash and I. Hattingh) Faith and Nature, 1987; (with E. Breuilly) Christianity and Ecology, 1992; (with J. O'Brien) The Book of Reincarnation and the Afterlife, 1997. TRANSLATOR: (with Man-Ho Kwok and J. Ramsay, and author of intro. with J. Ramsay) Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching, 1996; (with E. Breuilly, Chang Wai Ming, and J. Ramsay) The Book of Chuang-Tzu, 1996. EDITOR & TRANSLATOR: (with Mak Hin Chung, Man-Ho Kwok, and A. Smith) T'ung Shu, the Ancient Chinese Almanac, 1986; (with Man-Ho Kwok and J. Ramsay), The Illustrated Tao Te Ching, 2002. Address: International Consultancy of Religion, Education and Culture, 3 Wynnstay Grove, Manchester M14 6XG, England.

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