Kolb, Mina

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KOLB, Mina


Career: Actress. Second City (improvisational theatre group), Chicago, IL, member of original ensemble.

Awards, Honors: Lifetime Achievement Award, Chicago Improv Festival, 2004.


Television Appearances; Series:

Peggy Briggs, Pete and Gladys, CBS, 19611962.

Story Theatre, syndicated, 1971.

Mrs. Batterfield, Santa Barbara, NBC, 1988.

Aunt Mary, Generations, NBC, 19891991.

Also appeared in a local television series, Rayner Shine, Chicago, IL.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Mrs. Alden, "Terri Makes Her Move," Three's Company, ABC, 1981.

Mrs. Alden, "Extra, Extra," Three's Company, ABC, 1982.

Clerk, "Mama Gets a Job," Mama's Family, NBC, 1983.

Emma Standish, "Magic Bus," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1983.

Mrs. Alden, "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow," Three's Company, ABC, 1983.

Mrs. Colby, "Change of a Dollar," The Jeffersons, CBS, 1983.

Doris Shankman, George Burns Comedy Week, CBS, 1985.

Mrs. Taylor, "Tooth and Consequences," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1986.

"Suitable for Framing," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1987.

Neighbor, "A Grave Misunderstanding," Knots Landing, CBS, 1989.

Aunt Celia, "Close, but No Guitar," Parker Lewis Can't Lose (also known as Parker Lewis ), Fox, 1990.

Florence, "Fathers and Loves," thirtysomething, ABC, 1990.

Homemaker, "Altared States," 1st & Ten, HBO, 1990.

Dotty, "Life after Death," Life Goes On, ABC, 1991.

Mr. Higgins, Sr., "Take This Job and Love It," Davis Rules, ABC, 1991.

Lil, Dangerous Women, syndicated, 1991.

Abigail Hoffman, "Mack TV," The Secret World of Alex Mack, Nickelodeon, 1996.

Betty Pryor, "War and Peace: Part 2," Sisters, NBC, 1996.

Weirdlooking nurse, "Two Mammograms and a Wedding," Ellen, ABC, 1996.

"Masquerade," High Incident, ABC, 1996.

Frieda, "The Job," George & Leo, CBS, 1997.

Frieda, "The Gift," George & Leo, CBS, 1998.

Frieda, "The Other Bookstore," George & Leo, CBS, 1998.

Old woman, "Two Guys, a Girl and Valentine's Day," Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (also known as Two Guys and a Girl ), ABC, 1999.

Jeff Greene's mother, "Beloved Aunt," Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO, 2000.

Jeff Greene's mother, "The Pants Tent," Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO, 2000.

Jeff Greene's mother, "Porno Gil," Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO, 2000.

Jeff Greene's mother, "Thor," Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO, 2001.

Jeff Greene's mother, "The Grand Opening," Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO, 2002.

Appeared as Deborah Maxwell, Reasonable Doubts, NBC; as a wife, Love and War, CBS; and as a guest, That Was the Week That Was, NBC.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

The TV TV Show, NBC, 1977.

Mrs. Burke, Back Together, CBS, 1984.

Television Appearances; Other:

Widow Bleacher, Casey at the Bat (special), Showtime, 1986.

I Know My First Name Is Steven (miniseries; also known as The Missing Years ), NBC, 1989.

Mrs. Anderson, Not Like Us (movie), Showtime, 1995.

Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Woman in pad, What's So Bad about Feeling Good?, MCA/Universal, 1968.

Diane, Loving, Columbia, 1970.

Ida, Every Little Crook and Nanny, MetroGoldwyn Mayer, 1972.

Dudley's mother, The Hollywood Knights, Columbia, 1980.

Iris Bell, HealtH, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1982.

Agent Constance, Boogeyman II (also known as The Boogeyman 2 and Revenge of the Boogeyman ), VCI Home Video, 1983.

The Wonderful World of Jonathan Winters, United Productions, 1986.

Mrs. Pearson, She's Out of Control, Columbia, 1989.

Neighborhood lady, Wedding Band, IRS Media, 1990.

Dorothy, Bye Bye, Love, Twentieth CenturyFox, 1995.

Dr. Mildred Wickes, A Mighty Wind, Warner Bros., 2003.

Stage Appearances:

Member of the ensemble, From the Second City (musical revue), Royale Theatre, New York City, 1961.

Understudy for Mrs. Kupferman and Rose Keller, Something Different, Cort Theatre, New York City, 19671968.

Tales of the Hasidim, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre Cabaret, Martinson Hall, New York City, 1977.

Sills & Company, Lamb's Theatre, New York City, 1986.



Sweet, Jeffrey, Something Wonderful Right Away: An Oral History of the Second City and the Compass Players, Limelight Editions, 1987.