Imi, Tony 1937–

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Imi, Tony 1937–

(Anthony Imi)


Full name, Anthony Imi; born March 27, 1937, in London, England.



Awards, Honors:

Television Award nomination, best video lighting, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, 1983, for The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby; American Society of Cinematographers Award nomination, outstanding achievement in cinematography for a miniseries, 1995, for Scarlett; Moxie! Award, best director of photography, Santa Monica Film Festival, 2001, for The Testimony of Taliesin Jones.


Film Cinematographer:

(As Anthony Imi; with Kenneth Hodges) Inadmissible Evidence, Paramount, 1968.

Junket 89, Children's Film and Television Foundation, 1970.

The Body, Anglo-EMI Film Distributors, 1970, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1971.

Dulcima, Cinevision, 1971.

Long Ago Tomorrow (also known as The Raging Moon), Cinema V, 1971.

It's a 2′6″above the Ground World (also known as Anyone for Sex? and The Love Ban), British Lion, 1972.

Universal Soldier, Hemdale Film Corporation, 1972.

I Am a Dancer (documentary; also known as Mitt liv aer dans and Un danseur: Rudolph Nureyev), EMI, 1972, Cinevision, 1973.

The Zoo Robbery, Children's Film and Television Foundation, 1973.

The Firefighters, Children's Film and Television Foundation, 1975.

The Likely Lads, EMI, 1976.

The Slipper and the Rose (musical; also known as Cinderella, The Slipper and the Rose: The Story of Cinderella, The Story of Cinderella, Cinderella og prinsen, Cinderellas silberner Schuh, Glasskon och rosen, La scarpetta e la rosa, Lasikenkae ja ruusu—Kertomus Tuhkimosta uudella tavalla, La zapatilla y la rosa, and Pantofelek I roza), Universal, 1976.

The Confessional (also known as House of Mortal Sin), Atlas, 1977.

Robin Hood Junior, Children's Film and Television Foundation, 1977.

That's Carry On, Rank, 1977.

Brass Target, United Artists, 1978.

International Velvet, United Artists, 1978.

Teil Steiner—Das eiserne Kruez 2. (also known as Breakthrough and Sergeant Steiner), Maverick Pictures International, 1978.

It's Not the Size That Counts (also known as Percy's Progress), Joseph Brenner, 1979.

North Sea Hijack (also known as Assault Force and ffolkes), Universal, 1980.

The Sea Wolves (also known as The Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse), Rank, 1980, Paramount, 1981.

Nate and Hayes (also known as Savage Islands), Paramount, 1983.

Enemy Mine, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1985.

Not Quite Jerusalem (also known as Not Quite Paradise), Rank, 1985.

Empire State, Virgin/Miracle, 1987.

Buster (also known as Two Hearts, Buster—Procura-se um ladrao, and Buster—Suuri junaryoestaejae), TriStar, 1988.

Options, Vestron Pictures, 1989.

Wired, Taurus Entertainment Company, 1989.

Fire Birds (also known as Wings of the Apache), Buena Vista, 1990.

The Colors of Love, 1992.

Shopping, New Horizons, 1994.

Downtime, Ima Films, 1997.

The Testimony of Taliesin Jones (also known as Small Miracles and Taliesin Jones), IAC Film, 1999.

Aimee & Jaguar (also known as Aimee and Jaguar), Senator Film, 1999, subtitled version released by Zeitgeist Films, 2000.

Rancid Aluminum (also known as Extreme Risk, Rancid Aluminium, El sabor de la traicion, I maffians grepp, Noget der rykker, and Rancid aluminium—Tuhon partaalla), 2000.

Lighthouse (also known as Dead of Night, Le phare de l'angoisse, and Majakka), A-pix Entertainment, c. 2000.

Goodbye Charlie Bright (also known as Strong Boys), Metrodome Distribution, 2001.

Silent Cry, INmotion Pictures, 2002.

Chaos and Cadavers, High Point Film and Television, 2003.

Lighthouse Hill (also known as A Flight of Fancy), Flamingo Films, 2004.

School for Seduction, Redbus Film Distribution, 2004.

Three (also known as Survival Island, 3, I'isola dei soprawissuti, and Survie), Imagine, 2005.

Victims, Carousel, 2006.

Some sources cite Imi as the cinematographer for Messages.

Film Work; Other:

Photographer, Olimpiada en Mexico (documentary; also known as The Olympics in Mexico, Giochi olimpici, Meksikon kisat, and Olimpiada en Mejico), 1969, dubbed version released by Columbia, 1970.

Director of photography, Night Crossing, Buena Vista, 1981.

Editor, Buster (also known as Two Hearts, Buster—Procura-se um ladrao, and Buster—Suuri junaryoestaejae), TriStar, 1988.

Worked on the film Mirror Mirror (short film), London Film Academy, 2006.

Television Cinematographer; Series:

Elephant Boy (also known as Elefantenboy, Elefantenjunge, and Toomai en de olifant), beginning 1973.

Edward the Seventh (also known as Edward the King and The Royal Victorians), Associated Television, 1975, syndicated, 1979.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes, Granada Television, c. 1986-88, broadcast on Mystery!, PBS, beginning c. 1987.

Television Cinematographer; Miniseries:

Inside the Third Reich, ABC, 1982.

Little GloriaHappy at Last, NBC, 1982.

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Channel 4 (England), 1982, syndicated, 1983.

(With Charles Rosher) Princess Daisy, NBC, 1983.

Queenie, ABC, 1987.

Queen (also known as Alex Haley's "Queen"), CBS, 1993.

Scarlett, CBS, 1994.

Erich Segal's "Only Love" (also known as Only Love), CBS, 1998.

Victoria & Albert, BBC and Arts and Entertainment, 2001.

Television Cinematographer; Movies:

Death Penalty, NBC, 1980.

A Tale of Two Cities, CBS, 1980.

For Ladies Only, NBC, 1981.

Dreams Don't Die, ABC, 1982.

My Body, My Child, ABC, 1982.

A Christmas Carol, CBS, 1984.

Pope John Paul II (also known as The Pope), CBS, 1984.

Sakharov, HBO, 1984.

Reunion at Fairborough, HBO, 1985.

The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James, NBC, 1986.

Oceans of Fire, CBS, 1986.

American Roulette, 1988.

Babycakes, CBS, 1989.

Coins in the Fountain, 1990.

Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" (also known as The Old Man and the Sea), Yorkshire Television, 1990.

Carolina Skeletons, 1991.

Fourth Story (also known as Basic Deception, Deadly Identity, Twilight Mystery, A busca sem tregua, Assassinato tem novo endereco, Il sapore dell'inganno, Kadonnut jaeljettoemiin, Seduccion mortal, Spaarloest foersvunnen, and Usurpation d'identite), 1991.

The Last to Go, 1991.

Our Sons (also known as Too Little, Too Late, Au-dela du desespoir, Lass mich nicht allein, Mutter!, Nasi synowie, and Os filhos da sida), 1991.

Against Her Will: An Incident in Baltimore, 1992.

Child of Rage, 1992.

For the Love of My Child: The Anissa Ayala Story, NBC, 1993.

Poisoned by Love: The Kern County Murders (also known as Murder So Sweet, Crimes de elite, Dulce asesinato, Finche morte non vi separi, Heisses Eis, O doce abraco da morte, and Un meurtre si doux), 1993.

The Forget-Me-Not Murders (also known as Janek: Forget-Me-Not Murders, The Wallflower Murders, and Inspektor Janek und der Psychokiller), CBS, 1994.

Janek: The Silent Betrayal (also known as The Brownstone Murders, The Silent Betrayal, Inspektor Janek und der Broadwaymoerder, and La scena del delitto), CBS, 1994.

The Haunting of Helen Walker (also known as The Turn of the Screw, Helen Walker—Schatten des Boesen, and Otra vuelta de tuerca), CBS, 1995.

The Abduction, 1996.

Dalva, ABC, 1996.

Her Desperate Choice (also known as Desperate Justice, Fuga interminavel, Una decision desesperada, Verzweifelte Entscheidung, and Viimeinen mahdollisuus), 1996.

The Shell Seekers (also known as Rosamunde Pilcher—Die Muschelsucher), CBS and Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF, Germany), 2006.

Television Cinematographer; Specials:

"Three Clear Sundays," The Wednesday Play, BBC, 1965.

"Up the Junction," The Wednesday Play, BBC, 1965.

"Cathy Come Home," The Wednesday Play, BBC, 1966.

"In Two Minds," The Wednesday Play, BBC, 1967.

The Sunshine Boys, CBS, 1995.

"The Blackwater Lightship," Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS, 2004.

"Candles on Bay Street," Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS, 2006.

Television Camera Operator; Specials:

"The Parachute," Play of the Month, BBC, 1968.

Television Work; Episodic:

(With Mike Whitcutt) Photographer, "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are," Thriller, Associated Television, 1974, also broadcast as part of The ABC Mystery Movie (also known as ABC Wide World of Mystery), ABC, 1974.

Television Photographer; Pilots:

Maggie (also known as Starting Over), 1986.