Hodge, Edwin 1985–

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HODGE, Edwin 1985–


Full name, Edwin Martel Basil Hodge; born January 26, 1985, in Jacksonville, NC. Avocational Interests: Basketball, rock climbing, bowling, motorcycles, and writing.


Agent—Paradigm, 360 N. Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Publicist—Bragman/Nyman/Cafarelli, 8687 Melrose Ave., 8th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90069.



Awards, Honors:

Young Artist Award, best performance in a TV movie, pilot, or miniseries—supporting young actor, 1998, for Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework.


Film Appearances:

Dexter's friend, Die Hard: With a Vengeance (also known as Die Hard 3), Twentieth Century Fox, 1995.

Todd Henessey, The Long Kiss Goodnight, New Line Cinema, 1996.

Tiki, The Breaks, Artisan Entertainment, 1999.

Basketball teen #1, Big Momma's House (also known as Big Mamas Haus), Twentieth Century–Fox, 2000.

Roy, Coastlines, Curb Entertainment, 2002.

Krebs, A Light in the Forest, Ardustry Home Entertainment LLC, 2002.

Blake Hornsby, Hangman's Curse (also known as The Veritas Project: Hangman's Curse), Twentieth Century–Fox, 2003.

Tony, National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze (also known as A College Sex Comedy, Dorm Daze, and National Lampoon's "Dorm Daze"), 120 Degree Films, 2003.

Joe, The Alamo, Buena Vista, 2004.

Elliot Davis, Debating Robert Lee, 2004.

Voice, Johnson Family Vacation, Fox Searchlight, 2004.

Also appeared in deleted scenes as Julio, The Cure for a Diseased Life.

Film Work:

Automated dialogue replacement loop group member, Dead Man Walking, Gramercy, 1995.

Television Appearances; Series:

Jamaal Crenshaw, a recurring role, Boston Public, Fox, 2000–2002.

Marcus Ride, Jack & Bobby, The WB, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Cody, Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework, Showtime, 1997.

Also appeared as the young Marvin Gaye, The Marvin Gaye Story.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Tremain Washington, In My Life, The WB, 2002.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Memo, "Man's Best Friend," New York Undercover, 1995.

Freshman guy #1, "… And a Nice Chianti," 7th Heaven, The WB, 1998.

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, 1998.

Kennan, "First Impressions," Angel, The WB, 2000.

Guy #2, "Jimmy's Got a Gun," Grounded for Life, Fox, 2001.

Cedric, "Everyone Deserves to Be Loved," Any Day Now, 2001.

Cedric, "No More Forever," Any Day Now, 2001.

Jesse, "As It Is in Heaven," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 2003.

Also appeared as Steven Jackson, Snoops, ABC; in Sesame Street.

Stage Appearances:

Edwin, Showboat, Gershwin Theatre, New York City, 1994.


Video Games:

Voice of pedestrian, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (also known as GTA 4, GTA: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto V), Rockstar Games, 2004.

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Hodge, Edwin 1985–

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