Hodges, Donald Clark

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HODGES, Donald Clark

HODGES, Donald Clark. American, b. 1923. Genres: History, Politics/Government, Sociology. Career: University of Missouri, associate professor of philosophy, 1957-63; University of South Florida, Tampa, professor of philosophy, 1963-64; Florida State University, Tallahassee, professor of philosophy, 1963-2003, chairman, Dept of Philosophy, 1964-69, director of Center for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies in Social Philosophy, 1967-71, director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 1987-95, affiliate professor of political science, 1988-, professor emeritus of philosophy, 2003-. Visiting professor of philosophy at U.S. universities; University of Buenos Aires, professor of sociology, 1974-75; Autonomous National University of Mexico, professor of political science, 1982. Publications: Socialist Humanism, 1974; The Latin American Revolution, 1974; Argentina, 1943-1976, 1976; (with R. Gandy) El destino de la Revolucion Mexicana, 1977; (with A. Guillen) Revaloracion de la guerrilla urbana, 1977; Marxismo y Revolucion en el Siglo XX, 1978; (with R. Gandy) Mexico 1910-1976, 1979; The Bureaucratization of Socialism, 1981; (with R. Gandy) Mexico 1910-82, 1983; (with R. Gandy) Todos los Revolucionarios van al Infierno!, 1984; Intellectual Foundations of the Nicaraguan Revolution, 1987; Argentina 1943-1987, 1988; Argentina's "Dirty War," 1991; Sandino's Communism, 1992; Mexican Anarchism after the Revolution, 1995; America's New Economic Order, 1996; The Literate Communist, 1999; Class Politics in the Information Age, 2000; (with R. Gandy) Mexico, the End of the Revolution, 2001; (with R. Gandy) Mexico under Siege, 2002; Deep Republicanism: Prelude to Professionalism, 2003. EDITOR: (with K.T. Fann) Readings in U.S. Imperialism, 1971; (with A. Shanab) National Liberation Fronts 1960-1970; 1972; (and trans.) Philosophy of the Urban Guerrilla, 1973; The Legacy of Che Guevara, 1977. Address: Dept of Philosophy, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1500, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]