Franke, Christopher 1953–

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FRANKE, Christopher 1953–


Born April 6, 1953, in Berlin, Germany. Education: Studied classical musical and composition at Berlin Conservatory.

Addresses: Manager—Blue Focus Management, 15233 Ventura Blvd., Suite 200, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

Career: Composer and musician. Tangerine Dream (band), keyboardist and synthesizer player, 1971–88; film score composer, 1977—; Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra, founder, 1991; Sonic Images (a record label), founder, 1993.


Film Work:

(With Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra) Music performer, McBain, Shapiro/Glickenhaus Entertainment, 1991.

Music performer, Solo, Triumph Releasing, 1996.

Musician, Menno's Mind (also known as, 1996.

Film Appearances:

(With Tangerine Dream) Himself, Acids of Virgin Music, 1976.

Television Music Performer; Series:

Music performer, Angel Falls, CBS, 1993.

Music performer, Babylon 5, TNT, 1994.

Television Work; Miniseries:

Musician: additional performance, Stephen King's The Tommyknockers (also known as The Tommyknockers), ABC, 1993.

Television Music Performer; Movies:

Night of the Running Man, HBO, 1995.

A Face to Die For (also known as The Face), NBC, 1996.

Public Enemies (also known as Public Enemy #1), HBO, 1996.

Menno's Mind, TMC, 1997.

Babylon 5: In the Beginning (also known as In the Beginning), TNT, 1998.

Babylon 5: Thirdspace (also known as Thirdspace: A Babylon 5 Adventure), TNT, 1998.

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle (also known as Reunion: Journey Beyond the Bermuda Triangle), UPN, 1998.

Babylon 5: The River of Souls (also known as River of Souls: A Babylon 5 Adventure), TNT, 1998.

Television Orchestrator; Movies:

Murder on the Orient Express (also known as Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express), CBS, 2001.

Television Music Performer; Specials:

From Stars to Star Wars, Fox, 1999.


Albums; with Tangerine Dream:

Alpha Centuri, Jive Electro, 1971.

Zeit, Jive Electro, 1972.

Atem, Jive Electro, 1973.

Green Desert, Jive Electro, 1973.

Phaedra, Virgin, 1974.

Rubycon, Virgin, 1975.

Ricochet, Virgin, 1975.

Stratosfear, Virgin, 1976.

Encore, Virgin, 1977.

Cyclone, Virgin, 1978.

Force Majeure, Virgin, 1979.

The Tamgram, Virgin, 1980.

Box–Sampler 70–80, Virgin, 1980.

Exit, Virgin, 1981.

Pergamon, Virgin, 1981.

White Eagle, Virgin, 1982.

Logos, Virgin, 1982.

Hyperborea, Virgin, 1983.

Poland, Jive Electro, 1984.

Le Parc, Jive Electro, 1986.

Dream Sequence, Virgin Sampler, 1985.

Underwater Sunlight, Jive Electro, 1986.

The Collection, Castle Communications, 1987.

Tyger, Jive Electro, 1987.

Livemiles, Jive Electro, 1988.

Soundtrack Recordings; with Tangerine Dream:

Sorcerer, MCA, 1977.

Thief, Virgin/Elektra, 1981.

Risky Business, Virgin/Geffen, 1983.

The Keep, 1983.

Wavelength, Varese Sarabande, 1984.

Firestarter, MCA, 1984.

Flashpoint, EMI, 1984.

Heartbreakers, Virgin, 1985.

Legend, MCA, 1986.

Near Dark, Varese Sarabande, 1987.

3 O'Clock High, Varese Sarabande, 1987.

Shy People, Varese Sarabande, 1987.

Canyon Dreams, Miramar, 1990.

The Parc Is Mine, Silva Screen, 1992.

Soundtracks; as Composer:

New Music for Films, Varese Sarabande/Sonic Images, 1991.

Universal Soldier, Sonic Images, 1992.

Raven, Sonic Images, 1993.

Babylon 5, Vol. 1, Sonic Images, 1995.

Babylon 5 Soundtrack, Sonic Images, 1995.

Babylon 5 Suites, Sonic Images, 1995.

Tenchi Muyo, In Love, Sonic Images, 1996.

Perry Rhodan–Pax Terra, Sonic Images, 1996.

Pacific Blue, Sonic Images, 1997.

Babylon 5 Vol. 2, Sonic Images, 1997.

Babylon 5—In the Beginning, Sonic Images, 1998.

Babylon 5—Third Space, Sonic Images, 1999.

Babylon 5—The River of Souls, Sonic Images, 1999.

New Music for Films Vol. 2, Sonic Images, 2000.

The Calling, Eder Recor, 2000.

Best of Babylon 5, Sonic Images, 2001.

Other Albums:

Pacific Coast Highway, Sonic Images/Private Music, 1991.

The London Concert, Sonic Images/Verese Sarabande, 1992.

Klemania, Sonic Images, 1993.

Enchanting Nature, Sonic Images, 1995.

The Celestine Prophecy, Sonic Images, 1996.

Transformation of the Mind, Earthtone Records, 1997.

Epic, Earthtone Records '99, 1999.


Film Scores:

(With Tangerine Dream) Geradeaus bis zum Morgen, 1972.

(With Tangerine Dream) Sorcerer (also known as Wages of Fear), 1977.

(With Tangerine Dream) Game Over, 1978.

(With Tangerine Dream) Kneuss, 1978.

(With Tangerine Dream) Take It to the Limit, 1980.

(With Tangerine Dream) Thief (also known as Violent Streets), 1981.

(With Tangerine Dream) Strange Behavior (also known as Dead Kids, Human Experiments, and Small Town Massacre), 1981.

(With Tangerine Dream) The Soldier (also known as Codename: The Soldier), 1982.

(With Tangerine Dream) Indentificazione di una donna (also known as Identification d'une femme and Identification of a Woman), 1982.

(With Tangerine Dream) Risky Business, 1983.

(With Tangerine Dream) Wavelength, 1983.

(With Tangerine Dream) Spasms (also known as Death Bite), 1983.

(With Tangerine Dream) The Keep, 1983.

(With Tangerine Dream) Firestarter, 1984.

(With Tangerine Dream) Heartbreakers, 1984.

(With Tangerine Dream) Forbidden (also known as Versteckt), 1984.

(With Tangerine Dream) Flashpoint, 1984.

(With Tangerine Dream) Vision Quest (also known as Crazy for You), 1985.

(With Tangerine Dream) Red Heat, 1985.

(With Tangerine Dream) Fright Night, 1985.

(With Tangerine Dream; U.S. version) Legend (also known as Legend: Ultimate Edition), 1985.

(With Tangerine Dream) Zoning, 1986.

(With Tangerine Dream) Near Dark, 1987.

(With Tangerine Dream) Three O'Clock High, 1987.

(With Tangerine Dream) Canyon Dreams, 1987.


Eye of the Storm (also known as Jack Higgins: Die Krieger), New Line Home Video, 1991.

McBain, Shapiro/Glickenhaus Entertainment, 1991.

Driving Me Crazy (also known as Trabbi Goes to Hollywood), 1992.

Universal Soldier, TriStar, 1992.

Night of the Running Man, 1994.

Exquisite Tenderness (also known as Die Bestie im weissen Kittel and The Surgeon), A–Pix Entertainment, 1994.

Requiem, 1995.

Tenchi Muyo! In Love (also known as Tenchi: The Movie and Tenchi the Movie), 1996.

Solo, Triumph Releasing, 1996.

Menno's Mind (also known as, 1996.

Ms. Bear (also known as Emily und der kleine Bar, Kleiner Baer, and Masha l'ourson), 1997.

Jamaica Beat, 1997.

Tarzan and the Lost City (also known as Tarzan und die verlorene Stadt), Warner Bros., 1998.

Fortress 2 (also known as Fortress 2: Re–Entry), TriStar, 1999.

The Calling, 2000.

Byeolijubu hero (also known as Turtle Hero), 2001.

Johnny Flynton, 2002.

Manhood, Lightening Entertainment, 2003.

What the#$*! Do We Know?! (also known as What the Fuck Do We Know), 2004.

Television Scores; Series:

(With Tangerine Dream) Street Hawk, 1985.

Raven, CBS, 1992.

(And theme song) Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1993–1995.

Angel Falls, CBS, 1993.

Movie Magic, 1994.

Babylon 5 (also known as B5), TNT, 1994.

(And theme song) M.A.N.T.I.S., Fox, 1994.

The Outer Limits (also known as The New Outer Limits), 1995.

Hypernauts, ABC, 1996.

Pacific Blue, USA Network, 1996.

18 Wheels of Justice, TNN, 2000.

The Family, ABC, 2003.

Hunter, NBC, 2003. The Amazing Race 4, 2003.

Todd TV, FX, 2004.

Mad Mad House, Sci–Fi Channel, 2004.

The Amazing Race 5, 2004.

Television Scores; Miniseries:

Stephen King's The Tommyknockers (also known as The Tommyknockers), 1993.

Television Scores; Movies:

(With Tangerine Dream) The Park Is Mine, 1986.

(With Tangerine Dream) Tonight's the Night (also known as The Game of Love), 1987.

(With Tangerine Dream) Deadly Care, 1987.

She Woke Up, ABC, 1992.

Babylon 5: The Gathering (also known as B5 and Babylon 5), 1993.

Journey to the Center of the Earth, 1993.

The Yarn Princess (also known as More than a Miracle), ABC, 1994.

Beyond Betrayal, CBS, 1994.

In the Line of Duty: Kidnapped, NBC, 1995.

Public Enemies (also known as Public Enemy #1), HBO, 1996.

Code Name: Wolverine, Fox, 1996.

A Face to Die For (also known as The Face), NBC, 1996.

Tell Me No Secrets, ABC, 1997.

Louisa May Alcott's The Inheritance (also known as The Inheritance), CBS, 1997.

Kalte Kuesse, 1997.

The Devil's Child, ABC, 1997.

Babylon 5: In the Beginning (also known as In the Beginning), TNT, 1998.

Babylon 5: Thirdspace (also known as Thirdspace: A Babylon 5 Adventure and Thirdspace), TNT, 1998.

Babylon 5: The River of Souls (also known as River of Souls: A Babylon 5 Adventure), TNT, 1998.

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle (also known as Reunion: Journey Beyond the Bermuda Triangle), UPN, 1998.

Terror in the Mall (also known as Dark Rain and The Mall—Flutkatastrophe im Shopping–Center), Fox, 1998.

A Holiday Romance (also known as A Song for the Season), CBS, 1999.

Seventeen Again, Showtime, 2000.

Murder on the Orient Express, CBS, 2001.

Jack the Dog, Sundance Channel, 2001.

Dancing at the Harvest Moon, CBS, 2002.

Hunter: Back in Force, NBC, 2003.

A Date with Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster, Lifetime, 2003.

Footsteps, CBS, 2003.

The Elizabeth Smart Story, CBS, 2003.

Television Scores; Pilots:

Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight (also known as Legend of the Rangers: Babylon 5), Sci–Fi Channel, 2002.

Television Scores; Specials:

(With Tangerine Dream) Tatort—Das Maedchen auf der Treppe, 1981.

(With Tangerine Dream) Fruehstueck fuer Feinde, 1988.

From Stars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic (documentary), Fox, 1999.

When Dinosaurs Roamed America (documentary), The Discovery Channel, 2001.

Dear Santa, ABC, 2002.

Television Scores; Episodic:

"Came the Dawn," HBO's Tales from the Crypt (also known as Tales from the Crypt), HBO, 1989.



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