Frankel, Alona

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FRANKEL, Alona. Israeli (born Poland), b. 1937. Genres: Children's fiction, Illustrations. Career: Graphic designer and illustrator, 1955-; author and illustrator of children's books, 1975-. Exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Publications: FOR CHILDREN (SELF-ILLUSTRATED): Once upon a Potty, 1975, in 2 vols as Once upon a Potty: His, 1980, and Once upon a Potty: Hers, 1984; The Family of Tiny White Elephants, 1978; The Goodnight Book, 1979; Let's Go from Head to Toe, 1979; Angela, the Little Devil, 1979; One, Two, Three, What Can a Mushroom Be?, 1980; A Book to Eat By, 1980; A True Story, 1981; The Clothes We Wear, 1983; The Moon Book, 1983; The Book of Numbers, 1983; The Book of Letters, 1983; The Princess of Dreams, 1984; A Fairy Tale, 1985; There Is No One Like Mother, 1985; The Ship and the Island, 1985; The Princess and the Caterpillar, 1987; A Lullaby, 1987; One Day… (a book of numbers), 1990; From Armadillo to Octopus (a book of the Hebrew alphabet), 1990; The Book of Manners, 1990; I Want My Mother, 1990; A Book to Babysit By, 1991; Prudence's Babysitter Book, 2000; Prudence's Book of Food, 2000; Prudence's Get-Well Book, 2000; Prudence's Good Night Book, 2000; Joshua's Counting Book, 2000; Moon and the Stars, 2000; On Grandparents' Farm, 2001. Illustrator of books by others. Address: c/o Childmatters, 155 Beech St, Boston, MA 02131-2714, U.S.A. Online address: