Forsyth, Rosemary 1943(?)–(Rosemary Forsythe, Rosemary Forsyth–Yuro)

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FORSYTH, Rosemary 1943(?)
(Rosemary Forsythe, Rosemary ForsythYuro)


Born July 6, 1943 (some sources say 1944), in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; naturalized U.S. citizen; married first husband (divorced, 1975); married Alan Skip Horwits, 1980; children: (first marriage) one daughter.

Addresses: Agent Gold Liedtke Associates, 3500 W. Olive Ave., Suite 1400, Burbank, CA 91505.

Career: Actress. Worked as a model.

Awards, Honors: Second Place Golden Laurel Award, new facesfemale, 1966; Golden Globe Award nomination, most promising female newcomer, 1966, for Shenandoah.


Film Appearances:

Jennie Anderson, Shenandoah, MCA/Universal, 1965.

Bronwyn, The War Lord, Universal, 1965.

Phoebe Ann Naylor, Texas across the River, Universal, 1966.

Diana Mayhew, Where It's At, United Artists, 1969.

Harriet Vaughn, Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?, Anchor Bay, 1969.

Pamela Anders, Some Kind of a Nut, United Artists, 1969.

Marion Waltz, How Do I Love Thee?, Cinerama, 1970.

(Uncredited) One Little Indian, Buena Vista, 1973.

Miss Francis, Black Eye, Warner Bros., 1974.

Vickie, Gray Lady Down, Universal, 1978.

Mrs. Brady, Exit to Eden, Savoy Pictures, 1994.

Stephanie Kaplan, Disclosure, Warner Bros., 1994.

Melissa, 1995.

Ms. London, Daylight, Universal, 1996.

Mom, Girl, KushnerLocke, 1998.

Irene Flake, Valerie Flake, Dream Entertainment, 1999.

Inquisitor, Ghosts of Mars (also known as John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars ), Columbia TriStar, 2001.

Television Appearances; Series:

Laura Spencer Horton, Days of Our Lives (also known as Cruise of Deception: Days of Our Lives, DOOL and Days ), NBC, 19761980.

Sophia Capwell, Santa Barbara, NBC, 1984.

Dr. James, General Hospital, ABC, 1992.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Vivian Patterson, The Brotherhood of the Bell, CBS, 1970.

Sybil Towers, The Death of Me Yet, ABC, 1971.

Lia Holmes, City beneath the Sea (also known as One Hour to Dommsday ), NBC, 1971.

(Uncredited) Powderkeg, 1971.

Joanna Ferris, Columbo: Murder by the Book, 1971.

Judith Lindholm, My Father's House, ABC, 1975.

Loretta Simpson, The Gladiator, 1986.

Lady in dress shop, Addicted to His Love (also known as Sisterhood ), ABC, 1988.

A Friendship in Vienna, Disney Channel, 1988.

Judge Helen McCoy, A Case for Murder, USA, 1993.

Judge, Abandoned and Deceived, ABC, 1995.

Dr. Angela Crane, The Other Woman, 1995.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Jean Gilbert, A Matter of Time, ABC, 1981.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Dr. Michael Griffin, Is There a Doctor in the House?, NBC, 1971.

Call to Glory, ABC, 1984.

Nashville Beat, TNN, 1990.

Without a Trace, CBS, 2002.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Joan Miller, The Defenders, 1961.

"I Wouldn't Start from Here," Route 66, CBS, 1963.

Miss Harris, "When Good Friends Get Together," It Takes a Thief, ABC, 1968.

Guest panelist, The Hollywood Squares, NBC, 1970.

Anne Koster, "Reflections on a Lost Tomorrow," The Immortal, ABC, 1970.

"The War Merchants," The Name of the Game, NBC, 1970.

Leslie Fielding, "Dark So Early, Dark So Long," Mannix, CBS, 1971.

Hannah, "Let the Memories Be Happy Ones," Longstreet, ABC, 1972.

Barbara Bennett, "Deliveries in the Rear," Night Gallery, NBC, 1972.

"Blackout," Cade's County, CBS, 1972.

Annalisa, Assignment, ABC, 1972.

"The Girl from Nowhere," Mannix, CBS, 1974.

Nancy Holbrook, "The Golden Cage," Petrocelli, NBC, 1974.

Ellie, "A Small Beheading," Kung Fu, ABC, 1974.

"Picture of a Shadow," Mannix, CBS, 1974.

Lauralee Bell, "Jesse Who?," Barbary Coast, CBS, 1975.

Ruth Hanley, "The AlphaBravo War," Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1975.

"A Deadly Vow," Petrocelli, NBC, 1975.

Michelle St. Clair, "Night of the Strangler," Charlie's Angels, ABC, 1976.

Guest panelist, The Hollywood Squares, 1977.

Elizabeth, "The Usurper," Vega$, ABC, 1979.

Joan Manette, "Christmas Watch," ChiPs, NBC, 1979.

Dr. Melanie Elisabeth Griffin, "Aphrodite/Dr. Jeckyll and Miss Hyde," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1980.

(As Rosemary Forsythe) Ellen, "Dark Side," The Incredible Hulk, CBS, 1980.

Margo Glenn, "Chorus Girl/Surrogate Father," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1981.

Joyce Armor, "An Explosive Affair: Parts 1 and 2," WKRP in Cincinnati, syndicated, 1981.

Lillie Burton, "The Songwriter/Queen of the Soaps," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1983.

Margaret Chase, "Legacy from a Friend," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1983.

Lisa Bannon, "Bail Out," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1983.

"The Move," Call to Glory, ABC, 1984.

Marjorie Flowers, "Breath of Steele," Remington Steele, NBC, 1984.

Anne McFadden, "Legacy of Hate," Dallas, CBS, 1985.

Dr. Andrea Jeffreys Reed, "My Johnny Lies over the Ocean," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1985.

Anne McFadden, "Trial & Error," Dallas, CBS, 1985.

Anne McFadden, "The Verdict," Dallas, CBS, 1985.

Misses Bennetts, "Broken Promises," Finder of Lost Loves, ABC, 1985.

Ellen Lottick, "Reunion at Alcatraz," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1985.

Dr. Paxton, "City of Passion: Parts 1, 2 & 3," Hunter, NBC, 1987.

Ilsa Shoemaker, "New Year's," Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1989.

(As Rosemary ForsythYuro) Louise Marie Gilbert, "Belvedere's Wedding: Parts 1 & 2", Mr. Belvedere, ABC, 1990.

Estelle Freelander, "Bite the Big Apple," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1991.

Senator Grace Marion, "Black Ops," JAG, NBC, 1996.

Dr. Edith Strauss, "Growing Pains," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1997.

Luther's exwife, "Missing," Orleans, CBS, 1997.

Alzen, "Scientific Method," Star Trek: Voyager, UPN, 1997.

"Sleeping Dogs," Nothing Sacred, ABC, 1998.

Merrill, "Valet Girl," Dharma & Greg, ABC, 1998.

Phyllis Bergold, "Nate Expectations," L.A. Doctors, CBS, 1998.

"The Question," Chicken Soup for the Soul, PAX, 2000.

Dr. Edith Strauss, "Painful Cuts," Chicago Hope, CBS, 2000.

Judge Graves, "Pursuit of Loneliness," Ally McBeal, Fox, 2000.

Judy, "Sand and Water," ER, NBC, 2000.

Judge Toft, "Chapter FiftyOne," Boston Public, Fox, 2002.

Also appeared on Providence.

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