Fors, Aaron 1989–

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Fors, Aaron 1989–

(Aaron L. Fors)


Born January 30, 1989. Education: Studied acting as a child; trained with Dennis LaValle. Avocational Interests: Playing sports, reading, writing, drawing, computer gaming.


Actor and voice performer.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Joey, Zoe, Curb Entertainment, 2001.

Leon, Mimic 2, Miramax, 2001.

(As Aaron L. Fors) Young Tony, Whacked!, ThinkFilm, 2002.

Elliot, The Date (short film), 2002.

Eric, Divorce: The Musical, Steve Dworman Enterprises, 2002.

Jeremy, Down in the Valley, ThinkFilm, 2005.

Film Work:

Additional voices, Finding Nemo (animated), Buena Vista, 2003.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Second kid, How to Make a Monster, HBO, 2001.

Donnie Long, The Trial of Old Drum, Animal Planet, 2002.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Leon, The Pitts, Fox, 2003.

Brian, I'm With Her, ABC, 2003.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Ed, "Picture Day," Lizzie McGuire, Disney Channel, 2001.

James, "Viva Fidel," The Agency, CBS, 2001.

Kevin, "Sibling Rivalry," Even Stevens, Disney Channel, 2001.

Bobby, "Space Race," The Brothers Garcia, Nickelodeon, 2002.

Jake Dwyer, "Better Laid than Never: Part 2," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2002.

Voice of Paulie, "The Currency of the Doubt," Fillmore! (animated; also known as Disney's "Fillmore!"), ABC, 2003.

Voices of Kip and Otto, "Foes Don't Forgive," Fillmore! (animated; also known as Disney's "Fillmore!"), ABC, 2003.

Voices of first student and second thug, "Immune to All but Justice," Fillmore! (animated; also known as Disney's "Fillmore!"), ABC, 2003.

Gary, "The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking," Becker, CBS, 2003.

Brian, "The Smarty Party," I'm With Her, ABC, 2003.

Brian, "The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told," I'm With Her, ABC, 2003.

Carl Nelson, "No Good Deed," The Closer, TNT, 2006.


Video Games:

Voice of Palolo, Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no tsubasa to kaimgami no shishi (also known as Baten Kaitos Origin), Nintendo of America, 2006.

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Fors, Aaron 1989–

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