Förster, Christoph (Heinrich)

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Förster, Christoph (Heinrich)

Förster, Christoph (Heinrich), German composer; b. Bibra, Thuringia, Nov. 30, 1693; d. Rudolstadt, Dec. 5 or 6, 1745. He was a student in Bibra of the organist Pitzler before taking lessons in thoroughbass and composition in Weissenfels with Heinichen and in Merseburg with G.F. Kauffmann. In 1717 he became a violinist in the Merseburg court orch., serving there later as its Konzertmeister. In 1743 he was named Vice-Kapellmeister in Rudolstadt, being promoted to Kapellmeister a few weeks before his death. His considerable output included stage music, sinfonias, orch. suites, concertos, chamber music, and sacred works, including more than 25 cantatas.

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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