Coeur, Paul

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Coeur, Paul

(Paul Jolicoeur)


Career: Actor.


Film Appearances:

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Squeaky, The High Country (also known as The First Hello), Crown International Pictures/Saguenay Films, 1981.

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Arlo, The Wild Pony (also known as Le poney sauvage), Sullivan Entertainment, 1983.

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Bandit leader, Chautauqua Girl, 1983.

Conductor (Ducks), The Grey Fox, Mercury Pictures, United Artists Classics, 1983.

Deputy police chief Dunaway, Finders Keepers, Warner Bros., 1984.

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Eddie Eggars, Perfectly Normal, British Screen Productions/Skyhost/Ontario Film Development Corporation/Telefilm Canada, 1990, Four Seasons Entertainment, 1991.

Burt, Solitaire, Alberta Releasing, 1991.

Roger, Cool Runnings, Buena Vista, 1993.

Adam John Hale, White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf (also known as White Fang 2), Buena Vista, 1994.

Sam, Road to Saddle River, National Film Board of Canada/Damberger Film & Cattle Co., 1994.

Roy Brown, Portraits of a Killer (also known as Portraits of Innocence and Portraits de l'innocence), LIVE Entertainment, 1996.

Captain Jensen, One of Our Own (also known as Denver P.D.: One of Our Own, Denver PD Part One, and Reasonable Force), 1997.

Captain Jameson, The Arrangement (also known as Blood Money and Deadly Arrangement), Lions Gate Films, 1999.

Zalosky, Bad Faith (also known as Cold Blooded and Le delateur), Alberta Filmworks/Oasis International, 2000.

Television Appearances; Series:

Sergeant Lloyd Mastrowski, Cold Squad, CTV, 1998–99.

Tibor Stephanik, Tom Stone, CBC, 2002–2003.

Grandpa, Shoebox Zoo, BBC, 2005.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Sheriff, In Cold Blood, CBS, 1996.

Jasper, Roughing It (also known as Mark Twain's "Roughing It"), The Hallmark Channel, 2002.

Rodney Claybourne, Johnson County War, The Hallmark Channel, 2002.

Television Appearances; Movies:

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Pilot, Vanishing Act, CBS, 1986.

Maltby, Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs, CBS, 1988.

Milo, Body of Evidence, CBS, 1988.

Double Standard, NBC, 1988.

(As Paul Jolicoeur) McDougall, Last Train Home (also known as Tom Alone), Family Channel, 1990.

Milkman, Lantern Hill (also known as Jane of Lantern Hill and Jane de Lantern Hill), The Disney Channel, 1990.

Ben Stroud, Probable Cause (also known as Sleepless and Victime du passe), Showtime, 1994.

Judge Miles, While Justice Sleeps, NBC, 1994.

Larch, The Song Spinner, Showtime, 1995.

Angel Flight Down, ABC, 1996.

Ronnie, Silent Cradle, Lifetime, 1997.

Ray (the inspector), "Noah," The Wonderful World of Disney, ABC, 1998.

Bill Dutton, The Sheldon Kennedy Story (also known as Un reve abime), CTV, 1999.

Rail man, For All Time, CBS, 2000.

Charles Adair, Agent of Influence, CTV, 2002.

Olson, The Investigation, CTV, 2002.

Beau, Burn: The Robert Wraight Story, CTV, 2003.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Roger Somerville, "Security Exchange," Street Legal, CBC, 1987.

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Wallace, "Mr. Nice Guy," Street Legal, CBC, 1987.

"Man with a Gun," Diamonds, CBS and CBC, 1988.

Customer, "A Game of Pool," The Twilight Zone, syndicated, 1989.

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Police officer, "The Cruelest Cut," The Hitchhiker, USA Network, 1989.

Second alien, "Vengeance Is Mine," War of the Worlds (also known as War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion), syndicated, 1989.

"Rookies," CBC's Magic Hour, CBC, c. 1989.

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Latour, "The Charnal Pit," Friday the 13th (also known as Friday's Curse and Friday the 13th: The Series), syndicated, 1990.

(As Paul Jolicoeur) Leo, "Bring Me Harry Orca," Maniac Mansion, Family Channel, 1990.

"Black Moon Rising," Neon Rider, CTV and syndicated, 1991.

Mo, "Charlie Don't Surf," The Commish, ABC, 1992.

"The Martian," The Ray Bradbury Theater (also known as The Bradbury Trilogy, Mystery Theatre, The Ray Bradbury Theatre, Le monde fantastique de Ray Bradbury, and Ray Bradbury presente), USA Network, 1992.

"Duty Bound," Lonesome Dove: The Series, CTV, c. 1994.

Officer Murphy, "Honey, the Bear Is Bad News," Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show (also known as Disney's "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show" and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids), syndicated, 1998.

Williams, "The Good Chef," Dead Man's Gun, Showtime, 1999.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Sergeant Lloyd Mastrowski, Cold Squad, CTV, 1998.