Chaplin, Carmen

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Chaplin, Carmen


Daughter of Michael Chaplin; great-granddaughter of Eugene O'Neill (a playwright); granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin (an actor, director, and producer); niece of Geraldine Chaplin (an actress), Josephine Chaplin (an actress), Victoria Chaplin (an actress) and Christopher Chaplin (an actor); sister of Dolores Chaplin (an actress).


Agent—United Agents, 130 Shaftsbury Ave., London W1D 5EU United Kingdom. Manager—Code Entertainment, 9229 Sunset Blvd., Suite 615, Los Angeles, CA 90069.




Film Appearances:

Bis ans ende der welt (also known as Until the End of the World and Jusqu'au bout du monde), Warner Bros., 1991.

Fatima, La nuit sacree, Mercure Distribution, 1993.

Khadija, Ma saison preferee (also known as My Favorite Season), Filmopolis Pictures, 1993.

Candice, Dis-moi oui, Union Generale Cinematographique, 1995.

Paris friend, Sabrina, Paramount, 1995.

Thea/Anna, The Serpent's Kiss (also known as Le baiser du serpent and Der Schlangenkuss), New City Releasing, 1997.

Copine Narou, Post coitum animal triste (also known as After Sex, Post Coitum, and Smell of Geraniums), New Yorker Films, 1997.

Lili, Pourquoi pas moi? (also known as Entiendes and Why Not Me?), Cinema Mondo, 1999.

Ariane, Regarde-moi, 2001.

Aisha, Snapshots, First Look International, 2002.

Ursula, All About the Benjamins (also known as All About the Money), New Line Cinema, 2002.

Herself, Strictly Business: Making "All About the Benjamins" (documentary short), New Line Home Video, 2002.

Najia, Day on Fire, Bleiberg Entertainment, 2006.

Liliana.Rebecca (short), 2007.

Sarah Masterton, Prisoners of the Son, 2008.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Maria, Honorin et l'enfant prodigue, 1994.

Valerie, Ciel d'orage, 1997.

Aline Jourdain, Souviens-toi, 2000.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Maria Campalo, "Methos," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series), syndicated, 1995.

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