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Chicago, Illinois

Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies was founded in 1924. It is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It first offered distance learning courses in 1994. In fall 2003, there were 250 students enrolled in distance learning courses. Institutionally administered financial aid is available to distance learners.

Services Distance learners have accessibility to academic advising, library services.

Contact Sue Levison, Admissions, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, 618 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605. Telephone: 888-322-1769. Fax: 312-922-6406. E-mail: [email protected].

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Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Spertus currently offers 4 degree programs on a distance learning basis: the Master of Science in Jewish Studies (MSJS), the Master of Science in Jewish Education (MSJE), the Doctor of Jewish Studies (DJS), and the Doctor of Science in Jewish Studies (DSJS).

The MSJS and the MSJE are designed for students with an accredited undergraduate degree and a desire to enrich their Jewish education or acquire a professional credential in Jewish education or Jewish communal service. The MSJS and MSJE programs are identical, except that students in the MSJE must choose a concentration area in Jewish education. Courses are delivered in a variety of ways, including distance learning packages, intensive seminars, and independent study. The programs progress at the learner's individual rate. Distance learners are encouraged to spend a minimum of 6 days per year at Spertus's Chicago campus for intensive course work. Forty-eight quarter hours are required for the degrees. Tuition is currently $225 per quarter hour. Scholarships, in the form of partial tuition remission, are available.

The DJS is designed for in-service Jewish clergy, educators, and communal service workers who are interested in and committed to building upon and enhancing previously acquired Judaica knowledge and professional skills and who desire to make a cutting-edge contribution to their respective fields. Admission to the DJS program is highly selective. Eighteen courses are required for the degree: 7 reading courses, 7 intensive seminars, and 4 courses toward the completion of a Project Demonstrating Excellence.

The DSJS program has been designed primarily for students who already hold a master's degree in Jewish studies and who want to explore how the wisdom of the Jewish past–-as embodied in its sacred and significant texts and in the diverse historical experiences of the Jewish people–-can be utilized to address the perplexities and problems of Jewish life in the present–-both communal and individual. The DSJS program requires 18 courses, including 7 core courses; 3 text courses; 5 courses on issues, problems, methodologies, and major intellectual or historical figures in Jewish history; and 3 research and writing courses related to a final project. (In some cases, additional prerequisite courses may also be required.) Tuition for both the DJS and DSJS programs is currently $250 per quarter hour.

For more information, students should contact the Office of the Registrar at 888-322-1769 (toll-free), fax: 312-922-6406, or e-mail: coll[email protected] or visit the Web site at http://www.spertus.edu.


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