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Sperry, Paul

(Paul E. Sperry)


Education: University of Texas at Austin, B.A.


Home—Washington, DC. E-mail—[email protected]


Writer and investigative journalist. Investor's Business Daily, former Washington bureau chief and staff writer; WorldNetDaily.com, Washington Bureau chief. Media fellow, Hoover Institution. Guest on television news networks, including Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting.


Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism, WND Books (Nashville, TN), 2003.

Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington, Nelson Current (Nashville, TN), 2005.

Contributor to periodicals, including the New York Post, Investor's Business Daily, Wall Street Journal, Sacramento Bee, Houston Chronicle, Reason, American Conservative, D Magazine, and American Spectator.


Paul Sperry is an investigative journalist and author based in Washington, DC. He specializes in reporting on international terrorism and the ongoing war on terror in America. He has authored a number of breaking national stories on terrorism and related subjects. In addition to his independent journalism, Sperry is also a media fellow at the Hoover Institution. Sperry is the former Washington bureau chief and staff writer for Investor's Business Daily, and is currently the Washington bureau chief for WorldNetDaily.com.

Sperry is the author of controversial and critical books on the Bush administration, the U.S. war on terror, and the government's response to the threat posed by terrorist activity in America and abroad. Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism is Sperry's examination of the links between the Bush administration and commercial oil companies. He closely investigates these ties and examines how they are beneficial both to the government and to the oil conglomerates who seek more petroleum resources and profits. Sperry concludes that these oil interests, far from being concerned with American safety and security, are in many ways the driving forces behind the American war on terror in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Sperry directs even harsher criticism at the U.S. government in Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington. Reviewer Mark H. Beaudry, writing in Security Management, found that Sperry presents an "alarming expose" of what he sees as an active and ongoing attempt by Muslim fundamentalists to infiltrate American government and society, "all the while pretending to be peace-loving and patriotic, while actually supporting violent jihad to turn the United States into an Islamic state." Sperry "explores how a network of Muslim groups and individuals are exploiting America's religious freedom and ethnic sensitivity in order to undermine America from within," noted Beila Rabinowitz, writing in the Middle East Quarterly.

Perhaps worse, according to Sperry, is the fact that the U.S. government is unable to do anything about the worsening situation, and is unwilling to admit the full meaning and magnitude of the crisis to the American people. "Washington hasn't leveled with us about the full scope and depth of the Islamic threat not only inside America but inside the government, just as it hasn't leveled with us about the true nature of Islam," Sperry stated in a FrontPage Magazine interview with Jamie Glazov. "So I wrote this book to expose the elaborate fraud that's been orchestrated by our leaders in the Washington establishment and the leaders in the Muslim establishment, who are playing us all for suckers."

"Muslim leaders play an elaborate word game to hide the dark side of Islam to gain wider acceptance in Washington," Sperry remarked in the FrontPage Magazine interview. "They condemn all acts of ‘terrorism against innocent people,’ but they don't necessarily view Americans or Israelis as ‘innocent’ or acts of violence against us as ‘terrorism.’ Many secretly view it simply as justice. You'll never hear them condemn ‘all acts of violence against non-Muslims.’ So you have to carefully parse their words—they're very slick."

Appeasement of the country's Muslim population and government adherence to the concept of political correctness stand to make the country vulnerable. Sperry fears that the false sense of security generated by this situation, coupled with a lack of government prevention, will lead to a repeated assault on the level of the September 11, 2001 attacks, or even worse. He identifies a number of individuals and outwardly benign organizations that he asserts are involved with planning terrorist activity in the United States. He finds evidence of Muslim infiltration in business, law enforcement, the military, and at nuclear facilities. To Sperry's credit, Beaudry observed, the author marshals considerable evidence based on interviews, documents, and resources from within the government. In assessing Sperry's work, Beaudry stated: "If true, this book is terrifying. If false, it's wildly irresponsible."



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