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Extended Campus
Corvallis, Oregon

Distance Learning Program

During fall term 2004, more than 1,700 individuals throughout Oregon and the world were enrolled in Oregon State University courses off campus. Each term, through OSU Extended Campus (Ecampus), students have access to more than 150 distance courses in more than forty subjects in areas as diverse as education, fisheries and wildlife, history, math, and psychology. Courses are designed as part of bachelor's completion programs, undergraduate minors, certificate programs, and some graduate-level degrees and course work.

Delivery Media

Oregon State offers the majority of its distance courses via the Web, DVDs, and videotapes. Courses often entail a combination of delivery methods, such as a video course with class interaction through an electronic listserv or Web site. Students communicate with instructors and administrative staff members via e-mail, phone, fax, or regular mail. Certain courses and programs are also delivered through face-to-face instruction or interactive television broadcasting (ITV) at statewide locations.

Programs of Study

Oregon State is one of a handful of universities nationwide pioneering the field of online education. Most of the more than 300 distance courses offered each year include some online component such as e-mail communication with faculty members, and the majority of courses are offered partially or entirely on the Web.

Dual-enrollment programs are available through some Oregon community colleges; however, many students work with the Ecampus Student Services staff members to utilize past college experiences and to plan individual programs. Students can complete their degree from anywhere in the world by taking upper-division course work through OSU Extended Campus. Students may select from a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (B.A./B.S.) in liberal studies (a preprofessional elementary education option is available statewide), a B.S. in environmental sciences, a B.S. in general agriculture, and a B.S. in natural resources. Students in bachelor's programs must accumulate a minimum of 180 quarter credit hours to graduate.

Undergraduate minors in natural resources, environmental sciences, and fisheries and wildlife are available worldwide. Minors usually include at least 27 quarter credit hours of study and can be pursued as part of a bachelor's program or added to a transcript after graduation.

OSU Ecampus also offers online graduate degrees in education, nuclear engineering, and radiation health physics. A graduate certificate in health care administration is offered, with three courses online and three onside at hospitals in Oregon. A professional certificate in geographic information science is available, with all courses offered online except one elective.

Special Programs

Web-based graduate-level course work in education is available through Ecampus for teachers, trainers, and other professional educators who wish to pursue an advanced degree or simply gain skills in advanced teaching strategies, teaching course work online, or business and technology methods. The School of Education offers an on-site/online program for those seeking to earn their Oregon Continuing Teaching License. The Professional Technical Teacher Education Program is delivered online, with on-site student teaching and practicum, and is aligned with Oregon's educational standards. Students may enroll in Web courses and related practicums at a rate based on their individual needs, tailoring their education to meet both time and financial constraints. Students should visit the program's Web site for specific contact information on these and other graduate-level programs.

Founded in 1868 and accredited by the Commission on Colleges and Universities of the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities, Oregon State University (OSU) is one of a select number of schools nationwide to receive the Carnegie Foundation's highest rating for education and research. A land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant university, Oregon State serves the state of Oregon, the nation, and the world through its teaching, research, and outreach efforts. Today, OSU is home to nearly 19,000 students who are pursuing their degrees in one of 214 undergraduate and graduate academic degree programs. The American Productivity and Quality Center recently named Oregon State a top university for providing electronic services to students.

OSU's Professional Programs of the Ecampus operates as an outreach to corporations, public agencies, organizations, and professionals seeking to upgrade their skill level and increase their employability and productivity. Professional Programs offers a variety of noncredit programs and individualized contract training in areas such as business, human resources management, and health-care leadership. Professional Programs also offers online short courses that fit the busy adult's lifestyle and pocketbook.

OSU Extended Campus offers OSU K–12 Online, a top-quality high school curriculum, available to students seeking courses that may not be available through their district or that may not meet their homeschool needs. These online courses can be taken for elective credit and/or high school graduation completion.

Student Services

Oregon State makes it a priority to provide excellent student services to distance learners via e-mail, a toll-free phone number, and a comprehensive Web site, which includes live chat, online forums, and a searchable knowledge base. Students have access to online library services, a toll-free hot-line for computer consulting, online writing support, step-by-step assistance with procedures, and an online schedule of classes. Students can subscribe to OSU E-News, a free electronic newsletter that provides timely course and program information, student and faculty member profiles, and technical tips.

Credit Options

All credits earned through distance or online education are recorded on an Oregon State University transcript and do not appear any differently than on-campus courses. Each course falls under the same accreditation ratings of the individual department from which it originates. Transfer students enrolled in academic programs must have previous credits evaluated by an OSU adviser or the Ecampus Enrollment Coordinator to ensure that program requirements are met. Forty-five of the last 75 credit hours for bachelor's completion programs must be from Oregon State University.


Oregon State has more than 2,700 faculty members, with nearly 1,100 in the tenure system. Eighty-five percent of faculty members in professorial ranks have doctoral degrees. OSU distance education faculty members must adhere to the same quality standards as any faculty member teaching on campus.


Students taking distance or online courses to meet OSU degree requirements must be admitted to the University through the regular admission process and must meet the requirements for admission. Nondegree enrollment requires no formal admission and can be attained by contacting the Office of Admissions. For more information on regular or nondegree admission, students can visit the Office of Admissions's Web site at http://oregonstate.edu/admissions.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for undergraduate distance degree courses is $188 per quarter credit hour for most courses. Graduate-level courses are generally $381 per quarter credit, depending upon the program. Additional fees may be assessed for tape rental or other course materials. Students may check the Ecampus Web site for additional information.

Financial Aid

Distance learners are eligible for financial aid programs according to the same rules as on-campus students. Generally, to be considered, a student must be taking at least 6 quarter hours. Some scholarships are open to part-time distance learning students. Students can consult specific information on the Web site at http://oregonstate.edu/admin/finaid.


OSU Extended Campus
Attention: Student Services Center
4943 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-4504
Phone: 541-737-9204
800-667-1465 (toll-free)
Fax: 541-737-2734
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: http://ecampus.oregonstate.edu


Distance learners seeking an OSU degree should apply through the regular application process. Some of the distance programs at the graduate level are cohort based and require admission prior to fall quarter. The undergraduate distance degree programs accept students year-round. It is recommended that students seek initial advising prior to the application process. Registration for individual courses generally requires no application other than to contact the registrar for admission as a nondegree or part-time student.

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