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857 Maude Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043
Ph: (650)962-0123
Free: 888-467-5278
E-mail: [email protected]

Jerome P. Webster Fellowships(Professional Development/Fellowship)

Purpose: To provide training for promising health care providers from developing countries to improve medical access and healthcare worldwide. Focus: Medical education. Qualif.: Applicant must be recently trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery and be judge proficient by his/her mentors in a wide range of reconstructive surgical techniques; must be either eligible or certified by the American

Board of Plastic Surgery; must hold either U.S. or Canadian citizenship or possess the appropriate U.S visa; must be free to travel for up to ten months per year. Criteria: Selection of applicant will be based on merit and experience in medical programs.

Funds Avail.: No specific amount. To Apply: For application requirements and instruction, applicants are advise contact Fran Cunniffe, Medical Education and outreach coordinator, at [email protected]. Deadline: September 1.

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