Illinois Institute of Technology: Distance Learning Programs

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Chicago, Illinois
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Illinois Institute of Technology was founded in 1890. It is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It first offered distance learning courses in 1976. In fall 2003, there were 934 students enrolled in distance learning courses. Institutionally administered financial aid is available to distance learners.

Services Distance learners have accessibility to academic advising, bookstore, campus computer network, career placement assistance, e-mail services, library services.

Contact Ms. Holli Pryor-Harris, Director of Client Services, Illinois Institute of Technology, Office of Academic Affairs, Graduate College, 3300 South Federal, Room 110A, Chicago, IL 60616-3793. Telephone: 312-567-3167. Fax: 312-567-7140. E-mail: [email protected].


Graduate Certificate Advanced Electronics; Analytical Method Development; Analytical Spectroscopy; Characterization of Organic and Inorganic Materials; Chromatography; Computer Engineering; Computer and Network Security Technologies; Control Systems; Current Energy Issues; Electricity Markets; Hazardous Waste Engineering; Indoor Air Quality; Intelligent Information Systems; Internet; Networking and Telecommunications; Particle Processing; Pharmaceutical Processing; Power Engineering; Process Operations Management; Signal Processing; Software Engineering; Synthesis and Characterization of Inorganic Material; Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Materials; Water and Wastewater Treatment; Wireless Communications

MChE Chemical Engineering

MB Biology

ME Computer Engineering; Telecommunications and Software Engineering

MECE Electrical and Computer Engineering

MEE Environmental Engineering

MEM Electricity Markets

MGE Gas Engineering

MHP Health Physics

MITM Information Technology Management

MITO Industrial Technology and Operations

MMAE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MME Manufacturing Engineering

MMSE Materials and Science Engineering

MS Chemical Engineering; Computer Science; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Undergraduate— applied mathematics; biochemistry and biophysics; biological and physical sciences; cell and molecular biology; chemical engineering; computer and information sciences, general; computer engineering; computer programming; computer science; electrical engineering; engineering mechanics; mechanical engineering.

Graduate— aerospace engineering; analytical chemistry; biochemistry and biophysics; bioengineering and biomedical engineering; biological and physical sciences; biological sciences/life sciences, other; cell and molecular biology; chemical engineering; chemistry; computer engineering; computer science; electrical engineering; engineering mechanics; environmental engineering; food sciences and technology; industrial engineering; inorganic chemistry; materials engineering; mechanical engineering; metallurgical engineering; organic chemistry; telecommunications.

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Illinois Institute of Technology: Distance Learning Programs

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Illinois Institute of Technology: Distance Learning Programs