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Communal Studies Association

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Amana, IA 52203
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Communal Studies Association Research Fellowships (Graduate/Grant)

Purpose: To provide financial support for qualified CSA members. Focus: General studies. Qualif.: Applicant must be a CSA member in good standing at the time of application and at presentation of the research. Criteria: Awards will be given to those who meet the qualifications.

Funds Avail.: $1200. To Apply: Applicant should provide: a curriculum vita or resume and letters from two relevant references; a two-page description of the overall project, how he/she plans to accomplish such research, its goals, a timeline and how it will be presented at the CSA conference (paper, panel, A/V presentation, performance, exhibition, etc.); a bibliography of intended resources to be consulted during the grant project and a statement that these resources are open to the applicant; and a detailed budget (specify if funds other than this grant are to be used and their sources). Deadline: March 1. Contact: Communal Studies Association at the above address (see entry 2338).

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