Warchavchik, Gregori

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Warchavchik, Gregori (1896–1972). Born in Odessa, Russia, he studied in Rome and worked with Piacentini before emigrating to Brazil in 1923, where he became one of the leaders of International Modernism. He published his manifesto on architecture in 1925, and designed several houses from 1927 that were much influenced by the blocky cubic forms fashionable in Europe at that time, including his own house in São Paulo (1927–8—the first example of Modernism in Brazil (with some Art Deco touches)), and the First Modern House Exhibition, São Paulo (1930). His works were mostly houses and apartments, and he worked for a time with Costa.


Correio de Manha (1 Nov. 1925);
Kalman (1994);
Ferraz (1965);
Mindlin (1956);
Sartoris (1936)