Valvassori, Gabriele

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Valvassori, Gabriele (1683–1761). Architect born in Rome, and much influenced by Borromini. He designed the ingeniously planned Church of San Salvatori della Corte, later Madonna della Luce, Rome (1730–68), but his most brilliant work was the Corso Wing of the Palazzo Doria-Pamphili, Rome (1730–5), one of the few Rococo palaces where the exterior, abounding in quirky detail, is almost as decorative as the interior. He was also responsible for the Gate at the Villa Pamphili, Porta San Pancrazio (1732), and the Convent of Santi Quirico e Giulitta (1750–3), in Rome. C19 commentators often found his work ‘depraved’.


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