Trouard, Louis-François

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Trouard, Louis-François (1729–94). French architect. He is important as the designer of the Church of St-Symphorien de Montreuil, Versailles (1764–70), the earliest and most austere of the Neo-Classical basilican churches erected in and around Paris at the time, with Roman Doric nave-colonnades carrying a coffered barrel-vault. The tetrastyle portico is of the severe Tuscan Order. He also designed the Chapelle des Catéchismes, Church of St-Louis, Versailles (1764–70), using an Ionic Order with straight entablatures. He was also a pioneer of a severe, stripped, Grecian style, as in the town-houses, Faubourg-Poissonnière, Paris (1758), and Gothic Revival, as in the work he carried out at the medieval Cathedral of Ste-Croix, Orléans (1766–73). He taught Ledoux.


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