Stubbins, Hugh Asher

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Stubbins, Hugh Asher (1912– ). American architect. In 1939 he became assistant to Gropius at Harvard, established his own practice in Cambridge, MA (1940), and succeeded Gropius as Chairman of the Department of Architecture (1953). His work was influenced by Gropius, Aalto, and Breuer, and included houses, churches, offices, and schools. Among his buildings may be mentioned the Loeb Drama Center, Cambridge, MA (1957–60), and the Citicorp Center, NYC (1978—with Emery Roth). His MM21 skyscraper, Yokohama (1988–92), was the tallest building in Japan at the time of its completion. His Congress Hall, Berlin (1957), with its saddle-shaped catenary roof, was hailed when built, but irreverently referred to by Berliners as the ‘pregnant oyster’. He published Architecture: The Design Experience in 1976.


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