Strength and Weakness

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386. Strength and Weakness

See also 154. FATIGUE .

analepsis, analepsy
Obsolete, recovery of strength after an illness. See also 168. FOOD and NUTRITION .
Rare. strength in battle.
Medicine. any of several conditions characterized by lack or loss of strength and energy, as neurasthenia, myasthenia, or somasthenia. asthenie, adj.
equipollence, equipollency
equalness of force, validity, etc. equipollent, adj. See also 250. LOGIC .
hypopotencia, hypopotency
Medicine. a condition of diminished power, especially of diminished electrical activity of the cerebral cortex.
a condition of abnormal weakness or loss of strength. hypos-thenic, adj.
1. a condition of reduced or absent power; weakness.
2. a complete failure of sexual power, especially in the male. Also called impotence, impotentness. impotent, adj.
Obsolete, a state of good health; strength.
the state or quality of being invertebrate or without a backbone, as certain organisms, animals, etc.; hence, spinelessness; exhibiting a lack of strength of character. invertebrate, adj.
the susceptibility to error or lapses of any kind, as a human failing. labile, adj.
1. the state or quality of being a weak and ineffectual person.
2. behavior or attitudes typical of a milksop.
atrophy or wasting away of the muscles.
the state or quality of being infinite in power, authority, or might. omnipotent, adj.
strength of body; vital force. sthenic, adj.
the state or quality of having good muscular tone or tension. tonic, adj.