Stoddart, Alexander

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Stoddart, Alexander (1959– ). Scots sculptor. He is included here because he is one of the few UK sculptors working at the beginning of C21 who can design and make sculpture fully integrated with architecture. His heroic gilded head for Ian Hamilton Finlay's garden at ‘Little Sparta’, Stonypath, Pentland Hills, Scotland (c.1985) gained early attention. Among his works are statuary for the Italian Centre, Glasgow (1989–91), the Cynico-Stoic Athena, Athenaeum Building, Glasgow (1991–2), pi-laster-monuments, 178–180 Ingram Street, Glasgow (1993), the Biederlally satirical herm monument (Glasgow Museum Gallery of Modern Art—1992–3), the Witherspoon Monument, Paisley (2000–1—an identical Monument was erected at Princeton University, NJ), The Sackler Frieze, Sackler Library, Oxford (2000–1— Robert Adam, architect), and the friezes and sculptures for the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London (2000–2— John Simpson, architect). His noble, heroic, scholarly Neo-Classicism is ideally suited to public monuments, and to the integrated enrichment of an architecture rooted in Classicism.


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Stoddart, Alexander

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