Steenwinckel Family

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Steenwinckel Family. Dutch Renaissance architects and sculptors. They worked for the Royal House of Denmark. Hans van Steenwinckel the Elder (c.1550–1601) rebuilt (from 1629) the Castle of Kronborg, Helsingør, while Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger (1587–1639) and Lourens van Steenwinckel (c.1585–1619) designed Frederiksborg, a huge complex of buildings with elaborate towers and spires, much influenced by contemporary architecture in The Netherlands. Hans the Younger's masterpiece is reckoned to be the exquisite Stock Exchange in Copenhagen (1619–25) with its curious spire formed of three entwined dragons’ tails, long repetitive façade pierced by large mullioned and transomed windows, and elaborate lucarnes.


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