Steele, Philip

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STEELE, Philip

STEELE, Philip. British, b. 1948. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Picture/board books. Career: English teacher in Koeln, Germany, 1969-70; ULP/EUP (Hodder Group), London, England, educational promotions assistant, 1971-73; Hamlyn Children's Books, Feltham, England, assistant editor, 1973-76; Macdonald Educational, London, editor/senior editor, 1977-80; freelance writer and editor in North Wales, 1981-. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: Joseph and His Coat of Many Colours, 1985; Joseph and His Brothers, 1985; Last of the Monsters, 1987; Fairy Post Box, 1987; Goblins of Griddlestone Gap, 1987; Witches Who Came to Stay, 1987; The Ghost Train, 1987; Grandma Goosegog, 1987; Wizard and the Weasel, 1987; The King Who Loved Yellow, 1987; Rainbow's End, 1987; The Giving Book, 1987. POCKET FACTS SERIES (1990): Birds; Insects; Reptiles; Wild Animals; Astronomy; Deserts; Mountains; Space Travel; Boats; Cars and Trucks; Planes; Trains. EXTINCT AND ENDANGERED SERIES (1991): Reptiles; Birds; Amphibians; Insects; Land Mammals; Underwater Life. KILLERS! SERIES (1991): Birds; Fish; Insects; Mammals; Reptiles; Prehistoric Animals. WEATHER WATCH SERIES (1991): Frost; Heatwave; Storm; Wind; Rain; Snow. THROUGH THE AGES SERIES (1993): Eagle; Road; Farm; House; River; Factory. PAST AND PRESENT SERIES (1993): Terrorism; Censorship; Kidnapping; Riots; Smuggling. NONFICTION FOR CHILDREN: (with B.R. Lewis and L. Williams) 1000 Great Events, 1973; Land Transport around the World, 1982; (with K. Lye) Pictorial Atlas, 1983; Counting and Numbers: Blue Book, 1983, Red Book, 1984; Reading and Writing: Blue Book, 1983, Red Book, 1984; Festivals around the World, 1983; Children's Picture Atlas, 1985; How Animals Live, 1985; Life in the Sea, 1986; Money, 1986; Tactics of Terror, 1986; Whatever the Weather, 1988; First Book of Q's and A's, 1989; China, 1989; Food and Diet, 1991; The People Atlas, 1991; Sharks and Other Monsters of the Deep, 1991; Children's Illustrated Atlas of the World, 1992; Little Bighorn, 1992; Europe in World War Two, 1993; Incas and Machu Picchu, 1993; Ancient Rome, 1993; Germany, 1993; Great Britain, 1993; Thor Heyerdahl and Kon-Tiki, 1993; Thermopylai, 1994; The Romans and Pompeii, 1994; The Egyptians and Valley of Kings, 1994; Between Two World Wars, 1994; I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats, 1994; The Samurai Sword, 1994; The Blue Whale, 1994; The Giant Panda, 1994; In Ancient Rome, 1994; Farming Village, 1994; Flags, 1994; Countries Fly Flags, 1995; Great Discoveries, 1995; Pyramids Were Built, 1995; Castles, 1995; (co) Greek News, 1996; Vampire Bats and Other Creatures of the Night, 1996; Eyes of the Skull, 1996; Black Holes and Other Space Phenomena, 1996; The Aztec News, 1997; In Ancient Greece, 1997; In Victorian Times, 1997; Ancient Rome, 1997; Rocking and Rolling, 1997; Pirates, 1997; Freedom of Speech, 1997; Kingfisher Atlas of the World, 1997; Snow and Ice, 1997; Beaumaris, Story of the Town, 1997; Ultimate Atlas of Almost Everything, 1998; Censorship, 1998; Children's Atlas, 1998; The Viking World, 1998; Knights, 1998; An Explorer, 1998; The Chinese Empire, 1999; Crime and Punishment, 1999; Time Capsule of C20th, 1999; Volcanoes, 1999; Ultimate Atlas of the World, 1999; A Tidal Pool, 1999; Toys and Games, 1999; Going to School, 2000; Mummies, 2000; The Inca World, 2000; Jesse Owens, 2000; Animal Matters, 2000; Encyclopedia of British History, 2001; Citizenship, 2001; Children's Atlas of the World, 2001. OTHER: America's Natural Beauty (adult travelog), 1986. Address: Ty Cerrig, Beaumaris, Ynys Mon LL58 8SA, Wales.