Schönthal, Otto

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Schönthal, Otto (1878–1961). Austrian architect. He was a pupil of Wagner, and worked for him, notably on Vienna's Stadtbahn, Post Office, and the Am Steinhof lunatic asylum. On his own account he designed several fine buildings, including the Villa Vojcsik, Linzer Strasse (1901–2—restored 1975–82). He became joint-editor of the influential journal, Der Architekt, in 1908, and sole editor from 1909 to 1915. He established his own practice with Emil Hoppe (1876–1957) and Marcel Kammerer (1878–1969) which flourished in Vienna just before the catastrophe of 1914–18. In the inter-war period Schönthal and Hoppe were involved in the huge public housing programme for Vienna. In 1948–50 he designed the Eiselsberg-Hof, Wimmergasse 40–48, a late essay in which traces of the Wagnerschule tradition may be detected.


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