Sacred Objects

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569. Sacred Objects

  1. Ark of the Covenant gilded wooden chest in which Gods presence dwelt when communicating with the people. [O.T.: Exodus 25:10]
  2. Black Stone, the sacred stone at Mecca worshiped since ancient times. [Islamic Religion: Brewer Dictionary, 112]
  3. Holy Grail cup said to have been used by Jesus at the Last Supper. [Christian Tradition: Brewer Dictionary, 412]
  4. baetyl, baetylus stone fallen from heaven, regarded as sacred. [Antiquity: EB (1963) II, 920]
  5. zaïmph mysterious veil of the Carthaginian moon-goddess Tanit. [Fr. Lit.: Flaubert Salammbú in Magill I, 860]

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Sacred Objects

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