Raguzzini, Filippo

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Raguzzini, Filippo (c.1680–1771). The most celebrated architect working in the Rococo style in Rome during the Pontificate of Benedict XIII (1724–30). He designed the Chapel of San Domenico in the Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva (1724–5), the Ospedale di San Gallicano (1725–6—with a well-considered ventilation system), and is celebrated for the Piazza di Sant'Ignazio (1727–36), in which five apartment-blocks have façades rising from plans that are segments of ellipses to enclose the space in front of the huge Church of Sant'Ignazio. Among his many other works, the façades of the Churches of Santa Maria della Quercia (1727–31), San Filippo Neri (1728), and Santi Quirico e Giulitta (1728–30), and his restoration of the Spanish Steps (1731), all in Rome, may be mentioned.


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