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Ragué, Louis-Charles

Ragué, Louis-Charles , French composer and harp teacher; b. c. 1759; d. Moulins, after 1794. He was active in Paris from 1783 until settling in Moulins about 1794. He composed 2 opéras-comiques, Memnon (Paris, Aug. 26, 1784) and L’amour filial (Paris, March 2, 1786), the ballet Les muses, ou Le triomphe d’Apollon (Paris, Dec. 12, 1793), 3 syms. (1778), 2 harp concertos (1785), much chamber music, harp pieces, and an oratorio. He also wrote 2 harp methods.

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Ragué, Louis-Charles

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