Penrose, Francis Cranmer

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Penrose, Francis Cranmer (1817–1903). English architect and archaeologist. He worked for Blore before travelling extensively in Europe. He realized the significance of John Pennethorne's paper (1844) on optical corrections in Ancient Greek architecture, and under the aegis of the Society of Dilettanti made accurate records of the Periclean monuments of Athens (1846–7), working with Thomas John Willson (1824–1903). The results of the survey were published first in 1847, and in 1851 his vast tome Principles of Athenian Architecture was published, a later expanded edition coming out in 1888. He designed the entrance-gate to Magdalene College, Cambridge, and the severe Cornish porphyry sarcophagus of Wellington in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, London (1858), among other works.


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Penrose, Francis Cranmer

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