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Nering, or Nehring, Johann Arnold (1659–95). German architect and military engineer of Dutch descent, he settled in Berlin where he worked on the Schloss (Royal Palace) from 1679, designing Baroque and Palladian interiors, all of which have been destroyed. He built the Chapel at Schloss Köpenick, near Berlin (1684–5), extended Schloss Oranienburg (1689–95), and worked on the laying out of Friedrichstadt, Berlin, from 1688. His grandest surviving building is the Baroque Zeughaus (Arsenal), Berlin (from 1695), evolved from a plan by N. -F. Blondel, and completed by Schlüter and Jean de Bodt. He commenced Schloss Lützenburg, near Berlin (1695), later altered by Eosander von Göthe and renamed Schloss Charlottenburg. In Saxony he seems to have prepared designs for the Schloss at Barby (c.1687).


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