Michelucci, Giovanni

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Michelucci, Giovanni (1891–1991). Italian architect. He met Piacentini in the 1920s, who influenced him towards the stripped Neo-Classicism of the University City, Rome, where Michelucci later designed the Physiology, Psychology, and Anthropology Building, as well as the Institute of Mineralogy, Geology, and Palaeontology (1935). He collaborated with the MIAR Tuscan Group in the design of the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station, Florence (1935–6), the most significant large example of Italian Rationalism. His Government Building, Arezzo (1939), was an essay in sober Classicism. After the 1939–45 war, he abandoned the earlier architectural languages. The Church of San Giovanni Battista, Autostrada del Sole, near Florence (1960–3) verges towards Expressionism.


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