Loddiges, Joachim Conrad

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Loddiges, Joachim Conrad (1738–1826). Hackney- (London)-based nurseryman from Hanover, who introduced many unfamiliar plants to England. His son, George (1786–1846) published The Botanical Cabinet (1817–34), with many fine plates of botanical specimens produced in conjunction with George Cooke (1781–1834). George Loddiges (possibly as-sisted by Cooke's son, Edward William Cooke (1811–80) ), created the famous arboretum at Abney Park Cemetery (1840), Stoke Newing-ton, and planted there some 2,500 varieties of trees and shrubs. Loudon approved, and called it ‘the most highly ornamental ceme-tery’ near London, where trees and shrubs were labelled for the enlightenment of all who walked there. Thus Abney Park was the first Victorian garden-cemetery that can really be called by the name, and was intended to instruct the populace.


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