Lajta, Béla

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Lajta, Béla (1873–1920). Hungarian architect, otherwise Leitersdorfer. He was taught by, among others, Steindl and Lechner, and worked briefly under Norman Shaw (1898–9). Among his works the Institute for Blind Jews (1905–8), various sepulchral monuments and the mortuary in the Salgótarján Street Jewish Cemetery (1908), the Jewish Charity Home (1909–11), the School in Vas Street (1909–12), the severe apartment-block, Népszinház Street (1911), and the Rózsavölgyi Building, Szervita Square (1911–12), all in Budapest, should be cited. With Lechner he designed the strange mausoleum of Sándor Schmidl in the Rákoskeresztúr Cemetery, Budapest (1903).


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