Krier, Rob(ert)

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Krier, Rob(ert) (1938– ). Luxembourg-born Austrian architect, the brother of Léon Krier, with whom he has shared an interest in giving the contemporary city qualities enjoyed prior to industrialization. Influenced by Camillo Sitte's ideas, he has been concerned to develop types of urban spaces derived from, but not copies of, historical exemplars. Many of his housing projects have been built, notably his IBA practical exhibits at Ritterstrasse, Berlin-Kreuzberg (1978–80—reminiscent of Terragni's Italian Rationalism), Rauchstrasse, Berlin-Tiergarten (1981–5), and Schinkelplatz, Berlin-Kreuzberg (1986–8). His Dickes House, Bridel, Luxembourg (1974–6), is a large cube from which volumes have been removed, and has parallels with the works of the Ticino School. He has been dubbed a devotee of Neo-Rationalism.


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