Krieger, Edino (1928–)

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Krieger, Edino (1928–)

Edino Krieger (b. 17 March 1928), Brazilian composer. Born in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, Krieger was the son of Aldo and Gertrudes Krieger. His father was a well-known violinist, conductor, and composer who undertook the musical instruction of his son when the boy was only seven. During the next seven years, Edino Krieger gave several recitals as a violinist, and at the age of fourteen received a scholarship to study violin at the Conservatório Brasileiro de Música in Rio de Janeiro. In 1944 he wrote an improvisation for solo flute and in 1945 became associated with a group of composers, Música Viva, under the leadership of Hans Joachim Koellreutter, a pupil of Paul Hindemith. Three years later he won first prize in a competition sponsored by the Berkshire Music Center in Massachusetts. He later enrolled in the Juilliard School of Music in New York City, where he studied with Aaron Copland, Peter Mennin, and Darius Milhaud.

Krieger has combined a career as a composer of works of stylistic originality and powerful dramatic qualities with significant achievements as director of the music section of Brazil's National Foundation of the Arts. During his administration, the foundation contributed to a vitalization of musical performance throughout the nation and published scores of historical works by Brazilian composers, providing a heightened sense of the nation's cultural achievements. Important compositions by Krieger include his Ludus symphonicus, commissioned by the Instituto de Cultura e Bellas Artes of Venezuela, and his oratorio Rio de Janeiro, a dramatic narration of the birth of Brazil from its period of Portuguese colonization. Both these works were performed in Rio de Janeiro in 1988 at a special concert celebrating the composer's sixtieth birthday.

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