Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham

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Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham (1835–1924). English architect. A pupil of ‘Great’ Scott, he commenced practice in 1862. His works include the Jacobethan Examination Schools (1876–82), the vaguely Gothic New Buildings, Brasenose College (1909–11), the Girls' High School, Banbury Road (1879), the Boys' High School, George Street (1880–1), and the new buildings for Hertford College (1887–1914— including the chapel and the ‘bridge of sighs’, in a style Jackson himself called ‘refined English Renaissance’), all in Oxford. Other works include the Science Block, Uppingham School, Rut. (1894–7), extensions (including the Chapel) to Radley College, Berks. (1891–1910), and the Chapel at Giggleswick, Yorks. (1897). He published many books, including Modern Gothic Architecture (1873), Reason in Architecture (1906), Byzantine and Romanesque Architecture (1913), and Gothic Architecture in France, England, and Italy (1915).


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Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham

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