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Hermogenes (fl. c.220–190 BC). Hellenistic architect and theorist, he was mentioned by Vitruvius, and designed the temples of Dionysus, Teos (c.220–205 BC), and Artemis, Magnesia on the Meander (c.205–190 BC). He favoured the Ionic Order, objecting to Doric because of the problem of combining equal intercolumniation with the triglyph frieze at the corners. He seems to have promoted the pseudodipteral plan (large temples in Ionia had been built with two rows of columns surrounding the cell, but Hermogenes omitted the inner colonnade, providing a very wide, open, airy space, surrounded by the peristyle). He also promoted the eustyle intercolumniation (with space between columns equal to 2¼ column diameters), giving a stable yet elegant appearance to the colonnade.


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