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Hern, Candice


Born in Houston, TX. Education: Received degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Hobbies and other interests: Collecting antiques and antiquarian books; growing African violets; cooking.


Home—San Francisco, CA. E-mail—[email protected].


Writer. Worked in marketing until 2001, including positions as a marketing analyst, a field marketing manager, a database marketing manager, and a marketing operations director; also worked as a librarian, programmer, a systems analyst, and a sales support engineer; full-time freelance writer, 2001—; consultant in high-tech marketing.


Holt Medallion, 2003, for The Bride Sale; The Bride Sale named one of five best romance novels of 2002, Library Journal, 2003; CRW Award of Excellence, 2004, for Once a Scoundrel; Booksellers' Best Award finalist and National Readers' Choice Award finalist, both 2004, both for Once a Scoundrel; won Romance Writers of America writing contest.



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Contributor to the Dishing with the Divas blog.


Candice Hern is a romance novelist known for Regency-period romances with plots that often focus on affairs between women and younger men. "I have to confess that my books aren't what I'd call risky," the author said in an interview on the Risky Regencies blog. "I write fairly simple love stories. No complex plots with intrigue or mystery, no villains, no violence. I always strive to place the romance, the development of the romance, front and center. It's something I honestly believe a lot of Regency writers lose track of sometimes, allowing the history (that seductive research) to overwhelm the romance."

Hern's 1999 romance, The Best Intentions, finds Miles Prescott confronted with two friends of his sister, who has arrived at Epping Manor with what she believes are potential wives for her brother. A Library Journal contributor referred to the romance novel as "delightful." The Bride Sale is the story of reclusive bachelor James Harkness, known as "Lord Heartless," who tries to save an Englishwoman, Verity Osborne, who is being sold at an illegal wife sale. After James "purchases" Verity, however, the two soon leave behind their confrontations to embark on a budding romance. In her review in the Library Journal, Kristen Ramsdell commented that the author "seamlessly interweaves diverse plot threads with a full complement of realistic, complex characters."

In Once a Scoundrel, Anthony wins a ladies' magazine in a card game and discovers that its editor is Edwina Parrish, a nemesis from his youth. The two once again compete, this time for full ownership of the magazine but soon discover that there is another game going on between them. Booklist contributor John Charles noted that the author "expertly infuses each encounter between … [the] protagonists with delicious wit and luscious sensuality." Once a Gentleman is about a "shotgun" wedding between Nicholas Parrish and Prudence Armitage, who, Nicholas is surprised to find, is actually the woman of his dreams. Ramsdell noted in Booklist that the novel features "good writing, the effective use of dual viewpoints …, and marvelously colorful secondary characters." Once a Dreamer features Eleanor Tennant, a woman who does not believe that romance really exists. She changes her mind after meeting a columnist for a women's periodical whom she has sought out to scold because the columnist has advised Tennant's niece to try and win her rakish lover. In her review in the Library Journal, Ramsdell called Once a Dreamer "just short of brilliant."

Her Scandalous Affair finds Richard, Viscount Mallory, searching for the Mallory Heart, a family heirloom that disappeared fifty years earlier. On the quest at the behest of his dying grandfather, Richard amazingly discovers the ruby on his first night in London. Lady Isabel Wymouth is wearing it. Richard steals it and Isabel retrieves the gem, a scenario that occurs several times before the pair finally realizes that they want more than the ruby from each other. Ramsdell, writing in the Library Journal, called the book "a lively, well-written, satisfying romp."

Hern began her projected "Merry Widow" trilogy with In the Thrill of the Night, a story about widow Marianne Nesbitt who has remained devoted to her late husband but who, at the urging of her friends, begins to look for a new man. When she asks her neighbor Adam Cazenove, who is set to marry Miss Clarissa Leighton-Blair, to help her make a list of eligible men, Adam soon decides that it's Marianne and not Miss Clarissa who spurs his romantic thoughts. John Charles, writing in Booklist, noted that the author "gracefully crafts a tale of friendship and romance." Other reviewers also praised the romance novel, including Library Journal contributor Ramsdell, who called the novel "funny, fresh, and outrageously original."

The second book in the series, Just One of Those Flings, finds Beatrice, Lady Somerfield, falling for a man who whisked her away from a masqued ball for a sensual dance alone that evolves into much more. Reviewing the book on Sensual Romance Reviews—The Best Reviews Web site, a contributor wrote: "For me, reading Candice Hern is oftentimes similar to reading a history book, only one that is going to deliver a much juicier and stimulating version of what goes on behind the staid doors to some of the lofty grand mansions of jolly ole England!"



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