Guas, Juan

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Guas, Juan (c.1433–96). One of the greatest architects working in late-Gothic Spain, he drew on Flemish medieval elements imaginatively mixed with Moorish themes from Toledo. He was a major influence on the Isabelline style. He designed the Franciscan Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, Toledo (from 1476), which incorporates muqarnas under the springing of the vaults. His style can best be seen at the castle of El Real de Manzanares, near Madrid (1475–9), with vigorously modelled muqarnas cornice, and at the Palace of El Infantado, Guadalajara (1480–3), where the façade is enriched with projecting diamond-shaped stones arranged in a rhomboid grid all over the wall: above is an arcaded gallery with corbelled balconies. He worked at the Cathedrals of Segovia and Toledo, and designed the Chapel of the Dominican College of San Gregorio, Valladolid (1487–9).


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