Guastalla, Council of

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Reform council held under Pope paschal ii in Guastalla, a town between Verona and Mantua, in northern Italy. When legates of the new emperor, henry v, invited Paschal to Germany to stabilize the Church's position there after the upsets of the investiture struggle, the pope held a council in the church of St. Peter near Guastalla on Oct. 22, 1106, attended by Henry's embassy, many bishops, priests, and laymen. The pope renewed the prohibition of lay investiture; granted general pardon to bishops and priests excommunicated during the recent empire-papacy conflicts; confirmed ordinations conferred by schismatic ministers, except in cases of intrusion, simony, and concubinage; and took measures to restore discipline. The council detached from the province of Ravenna the Dioceses of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio, Modena, and Bologna.

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Guastalla, Council of

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